Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm ready

I got my 12 Days of Christmas Swap package today. The good thing about getting it late is you get to open more than one gift. And I want to open them all. Thank you so much, Tarra.

I am not a patient person, especially when gifts are involved, for me or me to other person.

I'm so ready for Christmas. I'm almost done wrapping gifts, one is too big to wrap and will appear Christmas morning, the other one's waiting for the right size box. I just reused 2 boxes from the 12 Days of Christmas swap, so maybe the right size is waiting for me to open it.
I have another swap that I get the information for in the next couple days, my box is ready to go out when I get it. And then I get more presents.
Unfortunately, my presents to others are the only ones under the tree. I guess others are not quite as ready as I am.

I have work through Thursday, and then a few days off and work through next Tuesday and then it's Christmas.

I'm going to a celebration party tonight, my neighbors are celebrating their marriage, I'm so excited for them.

I really just want to keep typing because I'm on the laptop again, still trying it out, and still loving typing on the keyboard, but I have to be at work in an hour, meaning I have to get ready now.
Also, when I'm on the laptop, I've been using Chrome, but it has this annoying habit of allowing pop-ups and random annoying ads, does anyone know how to turn that off?

Is it Christmas yet?

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Becoming Mrs. Draino said...

I am so glad it made it, hopefully nothing broke, it was all packed very well.