Thursday, December 12, 2013

Interesting week, so far

Well, it's been a fun week. I woke up tired this morning, and I'm planning on just lazing around today.
Monday, I woke up to snow on the ground, and had to go out and shovel, and as I was shoveling, Dad informs me the asbestos removal guys are coming and that I should 'move in' downstairs until I had to go to work as I may not be able to get out my door. That really annoyed me, if I was a regular tenant, they wouldn't have said that, they would have made some kind of arrangements so I could get in and out of my apartment. So, after finishing shoveling, I hurried through a shower, got dressed for work and took some stuff downstairs. Then the asbestos guys came and it wasn't going to be a problem, but since I already had all my stuff, I just stayed downstairs, plus Dad had promised me Jimmie Johns for lunch.
About 11, we call Jimmie Johns and Dad said they'd be there very soon. They showed up at 11:20, at that time I had already fixed myself something else. I decided I' better just go to work and eat my sandwich there. That worked out, but so much for the 'subs so fast you'll freak' thing.
Work was busy, but it always is on Mondays, we have a tiny crew and lots of things come back on Mondays, so it goes by fast.
When it's this cold out (temperatures below freezing and windchill in the negatives), I wear my cuddleduds as leggings and a skirt over top of them. That way, I don't have to change when I get to work. Unfortunately, I do have to wear flats all day, and my shifts are not less than 5 hours, they aren't very comfortable for that long of a time.
I also started to get a little worried about my 12 Days of Christmas swap package. We were supposed to mail them last Friday or Saturday, I did. Last I heard, mine was going out Monday or Tuesday. I haven't heard anything since and am starting to accept the fact that I may not get a package. I'm very disappointed. I've signed up for quite a few swaps over the years, I don't know how many. I have had a couple partners not send me anything, have had a few 'get lost in the mail' (thought I'm not sure I believe that), and people delaying sending them for some reason or another, but I don't let those bad experiences stop me from signing up for more. I'm really hoping my partner sent my package and got so busy she forgot to tell me, but I don't know. We're supposed to start opening our gifts on Friday, we'll see if I get to.
Tuesday was a nice lazy day. I did my laundry. I didn't go out of the house all day. And then I heard we were supposed to get another couple of inches of snow that night and the high on Wednesday was 10.
And yesterday was just tiring. I get up and it's -1, I start shoveling, figuring my dad will be out to help me because it's so cold. One hour later, I'm done and no one's come to help. When I shovel, I do the public sidewalks first and then the driveway. To me, the public sidewalks are a little more important, no one else will care if you don't get your driveway or your personal sidewalks done. By the time I make it to the driveway, I've slowed down and I'm tired. So, I do it slowly, I take my time, I have my own way of doing it, which works well. Unfortunately, it was -1 with a windchill of -15, so I shouldn't have been so slow.
After I got done, I had to warm up before I took my shower, and then get ready for work. My hair was still wet, so I stuck it in a French braid, expecting it to fall out later in the day. It stayed in all day, I even took another shower last night and slept in it, it's still in the braid, I'm surprised. Once again, I dressed in a skirt and headed off to work. Because I was so cold, I just left my boots on and found out they are more comfortable than the flats, though after about 6 hours, my feet started hurting, but I kept them on all day.
Wednesday is my 8 hour, which I look forward to, but I'm so tired at the end of the night. And, we had people keep going home with some stomach thing, so we had a little more work to do. And we also had to call the cops. It's kinda funny, the Info people who called, said it might be awhile, because they could hear phones ringing in the background, but probably about 10 minutes later they showed up. I think we've all gotten used to the fact that when we call them, someone's either being escorted out or arrested. That's not a good thing to get used to.
I pretty much collapsed in bed after my shower last night, and then I woke up tired this morning. I was able to sleep in, but my body decided I was getting up at 7:30. It will be a relaxing day, I still have a few presents to wrap, and then I'll head out to work the basketball game tonight.

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