Saturday, December 28, 2013


I hope everyone had a good Christmas and survived their families. Tuesday, we went food shopping and I learned I can never be right with my mother. She kept asking me questions and whatever I answered, she wasn't happy with. My brother and his girlfriend arrived later that evening and we had soup for supper. Afterwards, mom, Ross (my brother), Lisa (my brother's girlfriend) and I played a game called Bonkers, then we played Uno. It was amazing that I got them to play games, I generally have to ask a million times before they agree.
I must be losing my childhood wonderment, I slept through Tuesday night just fine. Christmas morning I awoke and wandered downstairs to find my mother making chocolate star cookies. After everyone else woke up, we had caramel rolls for breakfast and finally we got to open presents. Here's some of mine:
snowmen and owls. I also received some chocolate, a laptop, and Pitch Black. Lunch was prime rib, which I found out, I don't really like, I guess I like my meat cooked all the way. We also had some couscous, that was pretty good. Everyone else started watching TV, so I wandered back upstairs and did the same, and promptly fell asleep.
For supper we had some kind of soup, it had artichoke hearts, leeks and potatoes in it, after it cooked for awhile, you use a stick blender and blend it up. It was very good.

Thursday, I had a dr's appointment in the morning and went to an after Christmas sale at a local store and bought some items I wanted, but didn't get.
Another owl, a metal tree, a cute ornament, and a glass heart box/ornament.
I signed up to work the afternoon and night, since I lost my regular long day to Christmas.
Friday, we went to lunch at a local pizza place, then my brother headed back to Chicago. Mom and I continued to do more after Christmas shopping. I spent way too much money, but I got some great gifts for next year.
How was everyone else's Christmas?
When we went to the local pizza shop, I bought my boss a cookie. She had said some time ago, she used to go to this place and get the cookies, so I thought next time I was there, I'd get her one. When I gave it to her, she seemed very overwhelmed. She made it seem like I did something very extraordinary, I just did something I would do for anyone.
When people tell me they like something, or I see something I think someone would like, I get it for them. It's just what I do. I still see things that my ex would like and think about buying them for him, and then I remember I can't. Is that too much, is it over the top?
Maybe that's why I don't have any money.

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