Thursday, April 07, 2011


Remember how I said I was going to try and save money? Well, I'm doing a pretty poor job at it. Partly because I keep signing up for swaps where you send your partners gifts. I signed up for 2 Easter swaps (technically 3, but the other one I made something), and a Spring swap. And then I went to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's to make sure I had sufficient items for the swaps and spent a bit at Hobby Lobby, because they had they're "summer" stuff out, and that wasn't on sale. This first picture is an idea of what I'm sending someone for one of my Easter swaps. It's only an idea because we haven't gotten partners yet. This one is what I'm sending my partner in the Spring swap
And here's the box for my other Easter Swap.
Obviously you can't see much, but I needed pictures for the post, and the last box is not filled with lifesavers gummies. And this time, I did not go over the spending amount. I've done that a couple times in the past and haven't been as excited with what I got back. My gifts are just as equally exciting this time, I do have stuff that I would like to get, but maybe not as stuffed to the gills as other times. Though, I would love to keep all this stuff to myself.

Anyways, back to saving money, I've decided not to enter myself in anymore gift swapping ones, I should get into the more handmade ones. I really want to spend more money at garage sales. Course this year (hopefully), I won't spend on craft supplies, because I have tons of those, I won't be spending on a boyfriend, cause I don't have one of those. But, I do plan on spending on homemade goods (maybe not as much, because it will just be me eating them), I love buying goodies at garage sales, and I haven't met a goodie that I didn't like, so they've all been money well spent.

I'm especially excited about this weekend, I've decided it's the official start of garage sale time, a neighbor is doing one, and theirs are always great, plus the library is doing their book sale this weekend and this year they're selling baked goods as well. Unfortunately, that's tomorrow, I have to wait until then. Sigh.

I will not be going to the antique mall until garage sale season is over. Two reasons, one I don't need to spend money both places, and two, I haven't found anything really good there lately, it's the same stuff over and over again. And, garage sales usually have cheaper prices for some of the same stuff like hankies, tea cups/glassware and jewelry. Those are my favorite items. Might have to find some room for them, but I can handle that.

I did realize yesterday that since it's warmer I will be doing less stuff than last year. I just don't have anyone to do things with. I'd love to go hiking and swimming, but once again, no one to do it with. Though, I'm thinking of asking some of my work buddies about going to the aquatic center this year. It still looks like fun, and I'd love to do it with friends.

I will be going on vacation in early June. My parents, aunt, and uncle and his family and I are planning a battlefield tour in DC. I am really excited to go on vacation. My last vacation was last January, and I can't wait. Hopefully going to battlefields will mean I'll spend less money on souveneirs, probably just postcards, which are cheap.

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Marydon said...

If you do a battlefield tour, let us know as we are 'just around the corner' & hubby is a Civil War semi-expert on the Civil War. Would love to come meet you.

Have a beautiful weekend ~