Saturday, April 23, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

I didn't find the sales too exciting this week. Here's what I got:
This is from the last sale, the plate is more of a celery green, that was $.50, and the bear was just cute for $.25
This sale, I thought a lot of the prices were a little high, but I did find this cute set of cut metal egg ornaments for $2.00, and a pack of mini Winnie the Pooh cards for $.25. For not decorating for Easter, I sure am getting a lot of decorations this year.

This was from the first sale, it was advertised as a bake sale and HUGE sale. I didn't find it that big, it was mostly clothing. The bake sale was just cookies and cupcakes, and I wasn't really interested in them, so I didn't buy any.
What I did get was a small vase for $.25, an old first aid ki for $1.00, this game maker for $.25. I'm not really sure why I picked it up, I was thinking the clay would be fun to create with, but I do have a bunch of clay in my art closet. Anyone want some clay?

Here's the inside of the first aid kit. It was pretty cute, I'm not sure what I'll do with it either.

And then I got these 4 bags which were in the bag in the next picture all for $.25, I didn't realize there were so many bags in the first one, I doubt the people selling them knew.

Anyone need some cute bags? I'll probably use them in either giveaways or swaps.

Here's the cute bag they were in, I was thinking of making it my new purse.

My grand total for the day was $4.75, I didn't even break my $10 or my $5 bills. I just took out all the ones I've been saving, and spent those.

Tomorrow's Easter and I will show you what I bought for myself for my Easter basket.

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