Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Garage Sale Finds

I went to a citywide garage sale today with my aunts, it wasn't as exciting as I thought. My aunt said there were quite a few less houses doing sales, and a lot of the houses this year were mostly baby clothes and toys.
Here's what I got:
a 1950's dictionary for $.25, two hankies the one with pink flowers and the one with blue flowers and tatted edges for $.25, an altoids tin with the paint already burned off for $.25, a tiny sun stamp for $.50 and a dragon pendant for $.50

I was really excited about the Altoids tin because the paint was burned off. It was in a tub with a ton of other tins, that still had paint on them. I like decorating them for art, and I don't have a gas stove to burn the paint off anymore.

A heavy glass sugar bowl for $.50, a pair of pink clip-on earrings for $1.81, and underneath everything, there are 2 scarves which were $.10 each.

I'm looking for good clip-on earrings this year. I bought a pair of black flats from Wal-mart and have decided to spice them up with clip on earrings. Unfortunatly I don't think there are really big gaudy ones, I put the pink ones on my flats today, and they're a little small. They do look cute though.
I got really excited when I saw the hankies, the one with the blue tatting was really cute, though I think I like the one with the pink flowers better. They were bundled together with a tag that said $.25 for both.
The dragon pendant has a broken tail, but I still think it's cute.

I was soo excited for today. We hit quite a few garage sales, but like I said, they were mostly kids clothes and toys. I think I was really excited because I read of other people that go to these events and come out with such cool things, but I don't seem to be finding anything really cool. Maybe what other people find are just cooler because it's not what I find.
I also decided, it's fun to go with other people. I wish I had a garage sale buddy. Course, like I found out today, they don't always want to go where you want to go. One of the schools in my area was having a sale last night and today, and we got back to town before they were done, and I asked if my aunts wanted to hit that one real quick, but they said they wanted to grab something to eat and go home. I think we spent more time eating than it would have to go to the sale. I guess I should have gone to it last night.

Wednesday, we're going to an outlet center where I'm looking for some cute shirts and a nice summer dress. I hope to hit some sales next Sat morning, but we're leaving for a wedding shortly after lunch, so they'll have to be close.

Any good finds in your neck of the woods?

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Annesphamily said...

You got some great treasures! Those hankies are so sweet. I love how we can find such terrific bargains! I am glad you got to go! There is a big neighborhood garage sale next weekend. I may have to check it out as it is in an upscale new neighborhood! Have a great weekend! Anne