Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Sale

So I spent about $10 at the book sale yesterday. Here's what I got: The Penguin Book of Women's Lives for $.50, Helga Hanson's Hotflash Handbook for $.50, A cookie recipe book for $.50. I thought the women's lives book would be interesting, the hotflash book is humor, and do I really need an explanation for the cookie book? A math book for $.50, Mass Murderers for $1.00, Crime and Punishment for $1.00, Dream Cars for $2.00, Hometown Memories for $3.00 and The College Humor Guide to College for $1.00. I've been on the lookout for math books to help me be better at math, I love adding to my true crime bookshelf, there were a lot of great cars in the Dream Cars book including a 70's Challenger, the Hometown book just looked cute, and I love a good humor book.
I also bought quite a few good things at the bake sale Friday and Sat, but I've eaten them now, so I can't show them to you.

I was trying to look up garage sales the other day, except I was informed there is no longer an Advertiser with all the classified sections anymore. The Tribune's online garage sale page only has address and date, so I guess I'll be looking through their regular in print classified sections. I also realized, maybe I shouldn't bother so much as I work Friday afternoons 1-6 until June 1st. But I don't always work Saturdays, plus some people do theirs on Thursday afternoons as well. I guess it just means I won't be spending near as much money, which isn't a bad thing.

Any good sales in your area?

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