Friday, April 29, 2011

Yummies and plans

Tonight, I made these:
Stuffed Jumbo Pasta shells. I followed the recipe and then added my own stuff, so there's ricotta, spinich, chicken, parmesan, and mushrooms in them.
Here's what they're supposed to look like:

I thought they turned out pretty well.

Today, I've already visited a garage sale (post to follow), I'm going to work, and then planning on visiting another sale tonight.

Tomorrow, my aunt and I are planning on going to a neighboring town's garage sale day. Of course I found some more sales here in Ames, so we'll see how many we visit.

Next Wednesday, my aunt, dad and I are going to the Tanger outlet stores in Williamsburg, IA. I'm hoping to find some cute shirts and maybe a dress or two for the summer. I'm also trying to find something to wear to a wedding next Saturday.

And then that weekend, I have a wedding of my brother's best friend when he was a kid on Saturday, we'll be staying overnight and then on Mother's Day, traveling to my mom's side of the family for our celebration.

And on May 9th, I get to play with these cuties. I can't wait.

So, quite a few fun times coming up, what's going on in your life?

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