Monday, April 18, 2011

I tried

My plan was to open my Easter swap packages on Easter. I really tried to stick to that plan, a package was sitting under my mailbox today. But, when I also got the rest of the statements from my insurance company from when I had my pink eye, and found out it will cost me more than when I had my finger sliced open, I decided I needed to open it. On top of the package was a nice card from Sarah:

And this was under the tissue paper:

Here's what was in the package, a crocheted (?) flower hair pin, a plastic egg full of chocolate M&M's, 4 glass (?) eggs in a nice variety of colors and a package of Lindt bugs and bees.

Thank you to Samantha for hosting this swap.

I also figured since I have an Easter basket, the last gift in the 9 Days of Easter swap, maybe the other gift from the Candy Easter Swap, and maybe something from my parents to open on Easter, as well as going to my aunt's for Easter, I had enough things to open on Easter.

I had another surprise for me today:

This is the zinnia plant that Whitney gave me in the spring swap. I can't believe it's actually starting to grow. I'm not good at growing things, that means I already jinxed it and it will now die.


Sarah said...

you're welcome! first of all- i'm a little bummed to see the box crunched up in the middle! sorry! and i'm sorry- i should have told you what those things were!! yes- i crocheted the flower hair pin. and yes- those are glass easter eggs. the store that i bought them in had them hanging in a little tree, so i guess they're suppose to be ornaments.
i'm glad you like it!!

Marydon said...

Wendy, your parcel is filled with great treats ... & what a joy the florals will bring you.

Have an EGGS-TRA blessed Easter ~

Carrie M said...

Awesome loot! You hit the jackpot!

A word of caution--you might want to go into Paint or something and blur out the addresses on the package. You just never know where that pic might end up.