Friday, April 29, 2011

First Garage Sale Today

I'm going to a neighboring city's garage sale day tomorrow, so I was hoping I could visit a few here today. This one started at 8AM today. Here are my great finds:
A couple crocheted(?) items one was free, the other $.10, a cute embroidered piece that was free, the saucer was $.25 as well as the tea cup.
I have put the big piece under my silver items, the snowflake has been put in with Christmas stuff, not sure what to do with the embroidered piece, it looks like it needs some color. The teacup and saucer have been filled up with leftover Easter candy.

A Smurfette doll for $.25, and a two headed dragon for $.50, anyone know what it's from?

I picked up the Smurfette and had to have it, even though there wasn't a price on it.

I picked up this box for $2.00

And inside was a variety of crocheted(?) snowflakes and a couple decorated Christmas balls.

They have all been put into my closet until next year.

My grand total at this sale was $3.40. I loved the prices at this sale, there were a lot of 5 and 10 cent items. And lots of cute stuff.

I'm planning on going to another sale after work tonight, but that will all depend on how tired I am from work. Stay tuned for another post if I do go, if not I'm sure I'll have one up tomorrow with the sales I visit.

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