Friday, April 08, 2011

First Garage Sale of the Season

At least in my opinion it is. A neighbor was having one of their great sales of the year. It's an apartment building with 7 floors of apartments, and most people there are retired and have quite a few things, so they usually have about 2 sales a year. Three this year, as they are having an estate sale next weekend, because some people are moving into assisted living. So, here's what I got: A dictionary from 1924 for $1.00 A stone egg for $1.00, a tiny glass cup(?) for $1.00
Two bags of Spring/Easter animals for $1.50 each, a pink egg candle in a tiny tin pail for $0.35
A plastic bunny egg for $0.25, two bunnies with sweaters for $1.50, a bunny dressed as a fairy for $.50
That's a grand total of $9.60. Perfect for the beginning of the season. I had $20, and I didn't want to spend more than that. Some of these items I fully intend on using in my Easter swaps. I try to buy items that I think people will enjoy and that I can use on future swaps when I go to sales, so I'm never just buying for me.

Tomorrow is the Library book sale, and this year we're doing a bake sale with it, I totally plan on buying baked goods, and hopefully some books.

OK, I take it back the book sale is tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. I generally try to go on Sunday, as it's half off day, but looks like I'm working on Sunday, so I guess I'll have to pay full price. It benefits the library so I'm not complaining.

I can't wait for more sales.

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Marydon said...

What wonderful tresures you have found, & Easter is just around the corner. Will be fun to see how you use these darlings ...

Have a beautiful weekend.

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