Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello All, I took my macaroni and cheese and the chocolate walnut tart to the trivia thing on Saturday night. I was told they were both very good. Unfortunately I warmed up the macaroni and cheese too soon, so it was cooling off very quickly by the time we got there. I took to work on Monday night, and people keep saying how good it is, I wouldn't be surprised if there is an empty bowl to take home on Friday. The 2nd chocolate walnut tart is still sitting in my fridge, dad came up and got it (even after I warned him, of how liquidy it was), so then he said he didn't want it, because it was mostly liquid. Sometimes I swear my parents never listen to me. So, I'm not completely sure what I'll do with it. I still think it would be good over vanilla ice cream, but I don't have room in my freezer right now. The lemon cake is slowly getting eaten, I baked it in a larger cake pan this time, and I think that's the reason is doesn't taste nearly as lemony. It's downstairs in my parents house at the moment. Sunday morning I woke up with a very red right eye. I went to the urgent care clinic, where they informed me it was pink eye, and gave me a prescription for eyedrops, I've been using them since then, but it still looks just as pink to me. Tomorrow, I'm going to the dr again. I have also developed a stuffy nose and a light sore throat, plus I think one of my lymph nodes is swollen. I very rarely get sick, but this feels like allergies to me. I washed all my bedclothes and towels yesterday in HOT water. I also put new bedclothes on, but I still feel crappy. I'm so glad I don't work today or tomorrow. I do have to venture to the grocery store (very soon), last week when I went, I didn't get anything to eat for this week. Plus, I need applesauce or yogurt to help me slurp down allergy pills. Here's hoping you're all having a much better week than me.

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