Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little bull

Well, it's been awhile, sorry. Last week was Spring Break here, and I worked close to 40 hours at the library. I'm not complaining, but opening and closing all in one day for 3 days and closing every single day did hit me a bit hard. Plus, Thursday I ran a few errands in between working. I also wandered down to the big Walmart and finished shopping for my Easter Basket (I'll show you that when I open it), I also bought a pair of black flats, a shirt and had a nice McD's sandwich for lunch.

Saturday, I went to Target to get some more shopping out of the way. I had to buy black ink for the printer I got for Christmas, found out it was cheaper than the black ink for my old printer, though I doubt color will be. Bought some boring shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Our Target here, is remodeling itself into a Super Target but not adding any more space, so it's been a little hard to wade through lately, but I think it will be done soon.

We had something exciting in the library last Tuesday:
It's a miniature bull, it was for a kids program.

I even got my picture taken by it:
This week, things are slowing back to normal. It will be April next week, hopefully the weather will stay warmer. Last week it was in the 70's one day and then went right back to the 50's and it's been dropping this week, with some days projected to be only in the upper 30's.
I'm trying out some new recipes for a trivia thing my family goes to every month. I've decided on 2 sweet things, and am toying with the idea of making a mac-and-cheese, but I'm worried about room on the table. Maybe I'll just make the mac-and-cheese for me.
Thank you for letting me get out the last post. I know my ex will never see it, but I also knew he didn't deserve a response. It was wrong of him to do certain things for me and some of my replies to his annoyances would just go on in arguments. I'm still not over him. There's still things that make me think about him, though they don't cause me to tear up. I've been telling people at work and my family, so pretty much everyone knows, and that feels good. I've been spending time and money on me and that feels really good. I really need to do some artwork for a couple swaps, I know that will feel great too.
Hope things are good in your neck of the woods. Can't wait for warmer weather.

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Sunshineshelle said...

Warmer weather coming, nothing better than feeling the sun on your face ;)