Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Retail Therapy

Carrie told me to spend a day for myself. So, instead of sitting in front of the TV with ice cream, I went shopping.
I cashed in my change and went to Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann Fabrics, Everts (a local flower/decor store), and Temptations (a local chocolate shop that's going out of business). Here's what I bought:
Flowers: a lily (that I don't remember the exact name of), and a carnation. Carnations always last awhile, and the lady that helped me said the lily would too.
Comfort food: a Chai mix, and some Lindor truffles.
A wire basket, and a metal tea cup.
A cute blue bird and too sparkly eggs:
A packet of notepaper, a packet of pretty paper, some egg cards and a clear block for stamps:
A package of peeps, a package of felt stickers (for the flowers, not the peace sign), an ice cream timer, and a cute white dish:
Pink felt flower garland, a green sparkly egg, a pink sparkly heart (from Valentine's Day), a purple glass flower, and a metal blue flower:
And the whole reason I went shopping, a very cute Easter basket:

I spent $6.00 at Temptations, $12.00 at Everts (including the flowers), $23.00 at Hobby Lobby, and $11.00 at Jo Ann's. Plus, I bought a cute cupcake pin and a pink/purple guinea pig on Etsy last night.
On a side note, everytime I go to Hobby Lobby, I always stop at Jo Ann's (because they're in the same strip), but I always go to Hobby Lobby first and then Jo Ann's. I most likely have a Hobby Lobby bag when I go into Jo Ann's and there's one employee there that always gives me a look. I know it's because of my Hobby Lobby bag, she even said something about it once. I understand they're somewhat competitors, though our Hobby Lobby has WAY more stuff than the Jo Ann's, but I would think she should be happy I'm even there and buying stuff. Especially when the economy's not that good, and a lot of people aren't buying stuff. It annoys me everytime I go in and she's there, almost, but not quite to a point I don't want to go anymore. Shouldn't everyone working in the retail business not try to push the customers away?

I decided not to go to the mall and get this ring. When I finally stopped wearing the ring Kevin got me, I thought my finger felt too bare, and I should buy another one just for me. After not having a ring on for a week, I think I should go without. Plus, we all know guys always look for a ring and if you have one, you're unavailable. I like the ring, but I'm thinking I should spend my money elsewhere.
I've also decided, no more frogs. I have about a billion in one (or less) in my apartment already, and I had just started to collect them when Kevin and I got together, so I think I don't need more. From now on it's going to be bugs and glitter and girly colors and fairies. I'm looking for brighter colors and something different. Bugs and all that other stuff make me think of spring, and there's no reason not to need bright and happy.
I still have money from my cashing in (quite a bit more than I thought I would). I also bought some things that I might use in an Easter swap. The Mrs at Trying our Best asked the other day if anyone was interested in an Easter swap, and I so am.

What did you all do today?

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