Monday, February 21, 2011

Green Finds

Bargain Hunter said to show our green finds because St. Patty's Day will be coming. Well, I don't have a lot of just green finds, very few actually, so most of my pictures are of things with green. Hope that works, and I have commentary not about them, but about my dreary thoughts lately. I figure you can read it or not, but at least you have some pictures to look at.
First, here is my newest most coolest find: It's a small quilted wall hanging measuring about 21inches by 18 inches, I could only find a 6inch ruler, so I kinda guesstimated. I love seeing quilts everywhere, I've been wanting a quilt for awhile. So, when I saw this at my local antique mall marked down to $9.00, I couldn't help myself. The tag says it's a Sunbonnet Sue pattern.

OK , so I was reading some blogs this morning, and they had questions, and I love answering questions, so here they are:
What's the first thing you would do for yourself if you won 100 million dollars. Note this question is specifically for you...what would you do for fun after the family and the bills and serious stuff were taken care of?
The first thought that popped into my mind was: pay my bills, then I read the note. Well, the next thing that popped into my mind was move. Go somewhere where people don't know me, and I can create a new life. I feel as if my job is the only thing keeping me here. I would love to move to California where it's always warm.

This one is green and white, crocheted (?) doily, also found at the antique mall. I won't say the prices on the rest of my items, but I usually only buy something if it's about a dollar or less. Or a great deal as I thought above.
Are you dating anyone?
Not anymore, obviously. Though the thing that's still getting me, is why. What changed that he decided he no longer wanted to talk to me. I really should go to the street I know he lives on, and look through the parking lots for his truck and then wait til he leaves for work, that's the only way I can think of to make him talk to me, but I bet he still won't.

These are a few pins that I found at garage sales. The top one (not the ship that jumped in the picture), is cross stitched, and the bottom is just painted, both found at garage sales.
I remember, he used to tell me I was being so immature, when I would ignore people when I was mad at him, so I totally feel he needs to grow up and talk to me. I can't think of any reason why he can't come over or pick up the phone. Especially when his phone varies from being off to on.

This is a 3 leaf clover with gems in the middle, found at a church sale.
What are you most thankful for?
I have no idea.

This is some kind of trim, found at a garage sale.
Last night I was wishing there was someone to cuddle with in bed. That's the thing I miss the most, having someone to cuddle with. Someone that will call you when you text them that you don't feel well.

This is a tiny teacup with brown flowers and green leaves, found at a garage sale.
And then I think about all the things I'd have to get used to with a new person, and I hate that.

Another tiny teacup found at a garage sale.
I miss going grocery shopping at night after he would get off work and there'd be no one in the grocery store.

And another tiny cup (do you see a pattern here?), found at a garage sale.
I miss going on hikes in the Ledges when we had nothing to do. I loved wandering through the water, or the mud, when we went through after the floods.

Another very tiny teacup found at a garage sale.
I miss antique stores. There was one we went to in a town about 15 min north of here, that was just ours. I never wanted to go with anyone else.

A hankie found at an antique mall.
Unfortunately, I think it's sort of been growing in him since last spring when I got so upset (and reasonably so), when he went tornado chasing after we had made plans and I took off work for those plans. I keep wandering if he hates (I'm sure he does), that I want to spend time with him when I don't see him that much (because of his work) instead of him going tornado chasing, or hunting, or hanging out with friends. I recall around the 4th of July I could tell he didn't want me going home with him, and it felt he didn't really put thought into my birthday gift. He knew he could always take me to the car show and I'd be happy, but I like substantial gifts. And if I had a choice about when to go to the fair grounds, I would rather have gone when the state fair was there.

Another hankie found at an antique mall.
I swore it felt like someone was in my apartment this morning. I know he still has a key, but I'm not worried about him coming when I'm not home and taking his stuff, though I do check to see if it's still there when I get home.

Another hankie (see another pattern?) found at an antique mall.
I moved most of the stuff he's given me: the cars, some frogs, even cards out of my sight. I moved his grandmother's TV, that I would love to throw out the window and watch it smash in the street into the closet. I tore up his picture when I figured it out on the 4th. I figured if we still were in a relationship, I could always print out another one.

And another hankie.
I still have some frogs, which are covered at the moment. Most everything is out of my sight and that helps, but I can't stop my mind from wandering. Thankfully, I've been able to work a lot and that helps.

A hankie.
Hankie found at a garage sale.

Another teacup.

One of my sundae dishes found at a garage sale.

A frog

The focus here is supposed to be the napkin, but you can also see another sundae dish, both found at the antique mall.

Close-up of the sundae dish and some buttons, can't pass up old buttons.

Well, that's it, and hopefully my ramblings for awhile. I hate to post this stuff, but it's bouncing around in my head, I'm ok if people don't want to follow because of the depressingness of my posts, but that's where I'm at now.

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Carrie M said...

I think you should track him down. He has your stuff, and he needs to ovary up and give you an explanation! He's being a dick!