Monday, November 06, 2006

These three words

Well I did it, it was hard, but I did it. I ate a piece of cherry pie without getting any of it on me. That's a pretty big feat for me, cause anytime I have white shirt on, I have the tendency to get something on it, so far, nothing, course I probably jinxed myself now.
And why am I wearing a white dress shirt to classes you wonder (or maybe not, but you get to find out anyway), because I didn't really think about my time when I signed up to work the basketball game tonight. Go me, I work on campus until 5, and I have to be at the bball game at 5:30, I hate being rushed (though I love getting money, kind of a trade off). So, it's gonna be a busy day, and I have some shit to finish up when I get home for my CJ class. I hate it when I don't look at my schedule.
And I know I'm usually the one that doesn't like to know who's on COPS ahead of time, but they got a new website, so I was checking it out (you should too), it looks pretty neat, they still have synapses (sp?) of the segments (unfortunately all reruns this week), but when they mention a PD/SD they have a link to that site, pretty cool huh? And Cutie Cook's on this week. YEA!!!
But I have to run (yeah right, in your dreams)/walk to class now, later people.
AND COULD I GET SOME COMMENTS HERE? No, it's not required, but it makes me feel loved.

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