Sunday, November 12, 2006

I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights

Alright, my friendly readers, I need some help/advice.
As I've said before my parents want to take a trip after I graduate, well my mom runs into me when I'm coming home today asking if I could get someone to work on the 2 dates I work around Christmas, to which I said I'd rather not because I need the money. She says that maybe her and dad would consider paying me what I would be getting. And that I should try to get someone to work. Now, yes, it would be a bonus to get paid, but I'm not even sure I wanna go on vacation with them. And it's like a bribery.
What do you all think?


Goddess said...

Is that header from "Crazy Ex Girfriend"? I can't find the doggone lyrics.

Anonymous said...

keep in mind that i'm slightly paranoid, but... it seems to me that it would be one more thing for the parents to lord over you.