Sunday, November 19, 2006

There's no sign of life

So, it's been an interesting end of the week. I have a nasty ass scratch on my leg, that no one believes is a scratch. I swear it is, It looks like I scraped off my skin, it's really nasty looking, but my legs are dry (have been for awhile), and so I had an itch and I start maniacally (sp?) scratching, and well I scratched enough to get a nasty looking scrape, but not enough for blood. OK, the reason I'm saying this is cause I know what to do if something bleeds, but I got pus instead, I don't know what to do with pus. So I slapped a couple bandaids on, and went along with life. Friday after I got home, I let it dry out, I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not. And then yesterday, I worked a 'concert' at the center, and asked the paramedics if they had any neosporine, cause I don't have any, so I got some of that gooped on it. And today after working the game, I went and bought me some bandaids, neosporene (yeah, I know its spelled wrong), and some anti-itch cream today, so I should be ok.
Also yesterday, I was pissed cause I couldn't find my shirt. (Sidebar here, if you know me, when I get pissed, I have a tendency to hit stuff, now most of the time, I hit a wall with the side of my hand), so I was pissed and annoyed and I hit a door, with my fist, and developed this huge ass blood blister, which I pushed back down on my knuckle, and I have a bruised knuckle now. My cop friend just laughed at me, when I told him why I had a bruised knuckle. Hopefully there's never a brick wall or a glass window around when I get pissed.
And today, was a nice day (guy watching anyway). I was working a basketball game, and I was at the door where all the cops and paramedics come in. So, my neighbor (a campus police officer) and dream guy (a city cop) were working, plus one of my other cop friends. And someone I've been chatting with nicely (I'll explain below), and I ran into one of my cop friends as he was going to work as well. It was great.
Ok, this person I've been chatting nicely with. As we all know I work the college basketball games here, and the campus as well as city cops work the games as well. Well I don't know a lot of the campus cops, but I know quite a few of the city cops. Anywho, there's been a certain campus cop, S, that has been working quite a bit lately, so I've been chatting with him when he walks by whereever I happen to be working that night. Yesterday we chatted a bit. And today I saw him out of uniform, and told him I liked his uniform better. I hope to get a nice friendship out of this.

And I've decided I'm a boring person. If anyone has any thoughts against that, please comment.

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Carrie said...

For pus you're supposed to put some antibiotic ointment or neosporin on the wound and cover it with a bandage.

Also, you're NOT boring.