Wednesday, November 15, 2006

you opened up her head with a saw and poked around

UGH! You know what I hate the most about The Unit? That they always leave shit hanging. Like last week, the Col's wife got drunk or passed out on drugs, and one of the guys' wives took the blame and said she was driving. And then the cops tried to get her to admit she was driving erratically that made another vehicle drive off the road and into a ditch, which put the driver in the hospital. And the guy (Mac) was telling his wife, that the Col's wife needed to step up, and they just leave it hanging.
This week it was about one of the guys (Bob) who was lost in the middle of nowhere and had to rely on his survival skills, and of course it leaves off with them being rescued (found) by a truck. I'm guessing next week, it won't even have anything about if Bob was fully recovered or not.

And since, most of you suck when I ask for advice, no, I'm not pissed at you, mostly at my parents, as always. I've decided I'm just going to not go on this vacation. I'd rather earn my money, and I made a commitment, and I very much hate it when people go back on their commitments, if they have the choice. I will be here, "enjoying" the nice winter weather of the midwest, and I will not complain about getting a vacation. At least not to my parents.

And I'm excited to work tonight, I have no idea why. Though I did find out I'm not working as long as I thought I was (cause I'm subbing for someone else, and I thought I was long doors instead of short).

Also, I will complain AGAIN, about how much I hate being single. Goddess asked me why it was getting too me so much lately. And I don't really know. I just know that it's really putting me in the dumps. I think part of it is that I've decided not to stay in contact with my friend in AZ because I'm so sick of him breaking promises. And I know he is one of the few people that knows my deep dark secrets, so it sucks that I'm losing that. But I think it is a good choice, and will help me move along in other ways.
I'm also having a rough time with school and responsibilities and stuff. The past few days I've just wanted to sleep/stay in bed, I have no desire to get out and go to work/class, but I know i have to, so I drag my ass out and do it. Thankfully, I get next week off from classes, yeah I'm working a little more, but I welcome that. I like my job (both of them). And sometimes it seems I can destress from life at my job.
And speaking of my job, I have to run off and get ready.

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Goddess said...

Do you think that *maybe* the fact that you're upset about your future is why you're suddenly hating that you're single?