Saturday, November 04, 2006

So I know everything is gonna be alright

Oh, so getting closer and closer to the realization that I am graduating in a little more than two months. Me and mom went to do satellite voting today (cause our schedules suck on Tuesday) and while we were out, we went over to the University and bought me a cap, gown, and tassle for the ceremony in December. Someone pinch me.
Alright, hottie cops tonight:
Unfortunately, no Officer Pilutik in the Palm Springs epidsodes. :(
From Palm Springs, CA: Officer Cary Carrillo, and the other uniformed unnamed crewcut cops (if anyone knows who they are, please tell) actually me and Goddess were trying to decide if there were 2 more or just one. From Atlanta, GA: Officer B.L. Dolson, and Officer Derrick Alexander. From Oskaloosa County, FL: Deputy Lenny Holloway and Deputy Butch Rockwell. Second episode, from Palm Springs, CA: Officer Mike Goodwin, from Martin County, FL: Detective Chris Conrad, the unknown officer handing the detectives the drug test baggie, crew cut officer standing next to them, and the very short cut hair officer watching the chick leaning on cop car; from Palm Beach County: FL: K9 John Sylvester, and the officer digging in the cop car trunk.
I can't give away a statuette cause I (stupidly) didn't tape it, and there were too many unnamed hotties, sorry guys. But ya gotta give your names to the COPs crew and make them put it on the tape.
Now I don't know about y'all, but I hate it when people wear my jeans, and I really hate it when they leave shit in the pockets, only wish they would leave money.
Oh, and the guy in the last segment in the first episode who said whenever he has extra money he buys drugs, how about you send me your extra money, I guaran-damn-tee, I could spend it on way better and legal shit.
And how the hell would this guy know if there's not anything else in the car when he "didn't know" the gun was in there? And we all know that if he had reached for the gun, the cop could have shot him, and it would have been justified

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Brent said...

I have always loved it when people have told me they were SHOCKED there is a handgun in there car! Or drugs! How did that get there????? Give me a break...