Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Not Your Fault,

And once again, I'm annoyed with my parents (it's one of those common themes here). My mom's trying to talk me into going on a trip after I graduate, and I keep telling her, I don't have any money. I can either pick to go on this trip, or be home and maybe get some work and of course money comes from that.
Sat when we were out voting, she finally asked me if I was having money troubles, no mother I've just been complaining about money for the last 2 months for the hell of it. And she keeps trying to convince me you can go on a trip and not spend money. Now, I highly doubt they would buy me every single thing I wanted, such as a bottle of pop or a snack or a souvenier (sp?) for me. And if they did do that, at the end I'd be hearing about it: "We spent a lot of money on you, Wendy"
And then my brother calls me yesterday and asks if I have a passport, makes me think if I go on this trip it may be out of the US. So, I'm talking to mom last night, and she says it costs $100 for a passport, did we not learn before that I don't have any money. And then she adds that it lasts 10 years, who fucking cares, I don't have $100 to pay for it anyway.
I really do want to have a vacation, cause I really feel like I need one, I just wanna get away from school (which will be done by then), responsibilities and most of all MY PARENTS. I am so sick of them right now, so yeah I'd love a vacation, but I'd love even more if they went away and I had time without them.


Carrie said...

Where do they wanna go?

I agree about parents going away. One of my favorite things is when my parents go out of town for a weekend and I get the house to myself. There's just something different about being alone in their house that I can't get being alone in my apartment.

WW said...

I know they wanna go somewhere warm, which I wouldn't mind, cause I'm still annoyed I didn't get to go swimming this past summer, and I love dressing in less clothes rather than more.

For me, that would be cable. LOL.

Goddess said...

Too bad they're not offering to send you on your own trip for graudation;) Female Offspring #1 and a group of five or six of her friends went together and rented a house on the beach for a week after grad. They had a blast and it was a nice break for them before they started working. And everybody knows once you start working, you never know when you'll get another vacation....