Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Presents

I went to Charleston, SC over the Christmas holiday. We left on the 23rd and came back on the 28th. We decided to do stocking stuffers for presents, as we didn't want to bring anything big on the airplane, here's what I bought for people.
First, my brother
Chocolate Monopoly game (he collects Monopoly games), two K'nex Mario toys, an ISU reindeer and a tiny reindeer ornament.
For my mother
 A Santa bag, Santa bingo art piece, and an Iowa ornament
For my dad and my brother's girlfriend
 My dad got the chocolate (he's very hard to shop for), my brother's girlfriend the cloisonnĂ© bird and Big Ben ornaments.
We also decided to do a White Elephant gift exchange, because my brother's girlfriend's parents were coming and we didn't know much about them and they didn't know much about us.
 I bought all the chocolate in the picture for the exchange.
These are from a gift exchange with a friend:
 a dark chocolate hazelnut bar, paper owl garland, dark chocolate minis, walnuts, cocky pin, symbol from Supernatural pin, and wings from Angel pin, elephant garland, and a handmade owl.
 Her mother made me bug and alligator chocolates
And here's what I received from my family gift exchange
 Stuffed owls, a spatula, socks, chocolate Santa, yodeling pickle, button snowman, USB drive, and an Amazon gift card (not shown).
The yodeling pickle and Amazon gift card are from the white elephant gift exchange. If you push a button on the pickle, it will start yodeling. I inserted the tab back into it and taped it on, so my suitcase didn't start yodeling on my flight home.

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