Thursday, December 04, 2014

Advent Calendar

Every year I say I'm going to make myself an advent calendar at the beginning of the year. And then every year it becomes December and I haven't made one. I put one together this year sometime in August. Basically, I took stuff I'd found in my apartment and forgot about, some recent garage sale finds, and even some recent other purchases. I just found containers that things would fit in and numbered them randomly. Here's my collection of containers:
 Day 1 was a box my brother brought back from Australia.
 Inside it was a key chain and a rock I found in my apartment.
 Day 2 was a paper covered box
 Inside was a mixture of owls, some from garage sales, the button from a button bag, the felt ones and flat metal one from the Etsy swap I joined recently.
 Day 3 was a beautiful tea box I picked up at the library
 Inside were a couple of wooden turtles I picked up at a garage sale
 And today was an Altoids tin
 Inside a group of cute magnets picked up at the same garage sale as the turtles.

I remember some of the things I put in the boxes, others not so much, I think it will be fun. Plus, starting on the 13th I get to open presents from my partner in the 12 Days of Christmas swap.

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