Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Advent Calendar Days 11-16

Here are days 11-16 of my advent calendar.
Day 11: a fun gift bag
 filled with all kinds of art supplies: some stickers, chipboard, flowers, jewelry
 Day 12 is a cute little wooden box
 inside is a couple of cute animals and a fun bead
 Day 13 a cigar box I altered with some dictionary paper, vintage trim and a beaded butterfly
 Inside is some Dove peppermint bark and the RAK that Kathy at Kluless made for me
 Day 14 is another cigar box
 inside more random stuff, some washi tape, trim, toys, old keys
 Day15 is a metal box
 Inside a brass W I bought wrapped in a fancy napkin
 Day 16 an old box
 and inside: lots of buttons
December 13th was the day to start opening my gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas swap, I have gotten some cool gifts. Those pictures will be up after Christmas.

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