Monday, December 29, 2014

Advent Calendar Days 17-24

So, I returned from my trip to warmth over the Christmas holiday last night and today I'm catching up on all my online stuff. I'm doing it a little backward with posts on here, first I'm doing my Advent calendar post, then Christmas presents and lastly my 12 Days of Christmas Swap reveal. I'll do my trip posts later. Here are my days 17-24 of my advent calendar.
Day 17 was in a cute tin I bought at a garage sale:
 Inside a wooden snowman I bought at an art fair wrapped in a green hanky.
 Day 18 was a box my friend gave me for my birthday, sadly when I took off the number sticker, some of the paint came with it.
 Inside were some random pieces from my house, a sailboat button, magnetic bookmark, a charm, clay mermaid and some other randomness.
 Day 19 was a balsa wood box I picked up at a garage sale, I intend to alter it some time down the road.
 Inside vintage buttons, also from a garage sale.
 Day 20, a cute card holder
 Inside more vintage buttons from a garage sale.
 Day 21 was in a glass box
 Inside some rocks I bought at the state fair.
 Day 22 was a cute cloisonnĂ© box I won at bingo
 Inside some very tiny toys from a garage sale
 Day 23 a shell box from a garage sale.
 Inside some plastic animals from a garage sale
 Day 24 another box picked up from a garage sale
 And inside some tiny worms also from a garage sale.

I liked having gifts to open every day, I didn't like that I'd seen them all and knew sorta what I was getting. I will probably not make one for next year, I know I have too much stuff and I'm trying to cut back, so opening gifts of more stuff isn't very satisfying, even if I'd already bought it.

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