Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What's been going on in my life?

In about a month, it's my birthday (July 2nd), and I'm getting excited, I'm not sure why, it's never very exciting. I try to make it exciting, but it just doesn't work out.
So, every time I go shopping, I take all the exciting stuff (stickers and craft stuff), and put it in this gift bag I got from the Dollar Tree, and I will do a giant haul on or around my birthday.
We got some new puppets in at the library, so I checked some out. I love my job!!!
A couple fish:
another fish, a dinosaur, elephant, muddy pig and what's called a Gulp.
 My plates have been dying lately. I got these Pfaltzgraff plate set when I moved into my first apartment in 2004 (I think) from my mother's friend, and they were not new when she gave them to me. The smaller ones have been doing this when I put them in the microwave:
 I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I'm afraid to touch them, in case they fall apart. I was microwaving hot dogs yesterday, had one in there a total of a minute and a half, and the last 30 seconds, I could hear it cracking, and then it started giving off a burned smell. I'm kind of afraid to put the large ones in the microwave.
Saw this interesting car when I went to Target/Dollar Tree/Hobby Lobby
 And a few of the things I will use in PL's
 word stickers, some alphas and some packing tape.
Happy Birthday stickers, erasers, and Dollar Tree paperclips.

I worked a long week last week, lots of people were sick, and I had to work on my day off, which wasn't all that bad, but after 4 days in a row and just anticipating that day off. By the time, Friday rolled around, I really needed some time off. Saturday, I wanted to spend money to celebrate getting through the week. I talked myself out of it, and then looked at the Hobby Lobby ad and saw that Paper Studio stickers were 50% off, that sealed the deal.
I finally found the puffy ice cream stickers at Target, so bought two of those.
I was planning on swapping them out in my facebook group, but people are bothering me lately. It could have been the stressfulness of work, I don't know. I put up an album of stuff to trade and then people weren't putting much up on their end, so I got frustrated, and deleted the album. I ended up with a few good swaps, but I finally gave up. I'm not sure if I'll swap these out or not. That's all I bought at Target.
The Dollar Tree, I picked up some stickers, the Happy Birthday stickers, the elusive paper clips. I was so excited to find the paper clips, they are another thing I'm not sure why I buy, I don't really use them. They are really fun to send in PL's though. The Happy Birthday stickers are for my penpal, her birthday is in July as well, I thought it'd be fun to send her something.
Hobby Lobby was last. I basically went there to get some alpha stickers. I still haven't found the ones I want to replace. I have these smallish ones that are black and sparkly, that I love, but I've been using them up. I don't know where they came from, so I can't really replace them. I've been looking at Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby, but striking out. I've asked for them on Crafty Lori's wishing videos, but my wishes never get granted (I shouldn't say never, I did wish for Happy Mail for my birthday today, and had two people respond).
I also visited the clearance section in Hobby Lobby, can't go in there without checking them out. I don't recall what exactly I bought, except that packing tape in the picture above. I am loving mailing things out lately. I'm using my pretty packing/duct tape. Then I take some stickers I never use and decorate the envelopes even more. I don't think you could call them boring.
That was Saturday.
Sunday, I basically slacked off, I had a ton of movies due at the library today, and I didn't finish all of them, oh well, I just re-requested them.
Monday, I went to lunch with my parents which turned out to be a bad idea. If you saw my last post, you know they've been in Greece (or around there) for the last two weeks. I was really upset about that. Greece (and Ireland) is the one place I would love to go to outside the US. But, they never asked me (my mom disagrees). So, I said something about that, my mom said she asked if I had money for a cruise, and said I said no. If that's the conversation I remember, they were discussing a cruise down (around?) the Mississippi, and no that's not something I'm interested in, but somewhere the destination changed and they didn't ask me. So, somehow it's my fault that I didn't get to go along. This is how my mother is, it's never anything she's done, and she's never wrong. Then we got into discussing my moving (I have to move at the end of July), and stuff she thinks I haven't thought through. She never believes that I think about things, and that I might know what I want. I enjoyed the food, so that was a bonus.
We went to JoAnn's after that. I never go to JoAnn's anymore. They remodeled awhile ago, and the aisles are wicked tiny, and they seem to have very little papercrafting stuff anymore. I did find a clearance aisle and bought a few things, including some solid colored pink washi. I don't have any solid colored washi (I guess I do now), so I thought that was something good to buy. I did talk myself out of some owl washi, because I won't use it. I'm really good about hoarding all my owl stuff. One of my mail buddies collects owls and butterflies, I'll probably be sending her some more of my sorted out stuff.
Tomorrow is June. I'm going to get sorting. I have been ignoring it lately, I have too much stuff, I know I have too much stuff, and I just don't want to go through it all, sort, get rid of, and clean. It's not something I look forward to. I think if I just put my music on, and focus, I should be ok. I see a few trips to Goodwill in the future.
Next up, this week's Hodgepodge questions.

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