Saturday, May 21, 2016


UGH! So, my parents are on a cruise in Greece. And I'm really jealous. My brother and his girlfriend are with them. It feels like everyone but me got to go. My brother keeps posting stuff on Facebook (or at least I guess he still is), I stopped following him last Monday. My mother can't not have contact with me, she sent me an email today saying they were off to some fun adventure and what did I want for my Greece souvenir. What I'd really like is to be there with them. I have no desire to go out of the US, except for Greece and Ireland. So, when I learn almost second hand that they are going to Greece a month or so ago, and that I get to take care of all their crap back here. I'm a bit bummed.
I don't have much to distract me from the fact that they're there. I've tried to not talk/contact them because that makes me more depressed. I've really thrown myself into my art to distract myself. I know it won't be better when they get back because then I'll have to hear all about it. I wish I had somewhere to go, someone to hang out with for about a month so I didn't have to hear about it.

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