Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hodgepodge Vol 268

I'm finding the Hodgepodge questions interesting this week, so I thought I'd join in. Head on over to Joyce's blog to see what other people answered.

1. Tell us about one fun thing on your June calendar. 
Garage sales again. There haven't been many in my neighborhood and I really want to spend some of my garage sale money. Plus, there's this event called, Junkin N June, where a bunch of antique shops around central Iowa have sales. I try to go for my birthday every year, because it's the last weekend in June, and my birthday is July 2nd.

2. How careful are you in the sun? Do you tan or burn? Do you make it a point to see the dermatologist every year? 
I admit, I'm not that careful. I rarely use sunscreen, unless I'm going somewhere where I'm going to be in the sun all day. I really should put it on when I go garage saleing, because I'm walking in the sun, but I don't. I do get a nice tan from my garage sale walks, I don't make a point to go out and tan.
I've never seen a dermatologist.

3. Describe a time when you wanted to 'throw in the towel'? 
Nothing's coming to mind. I kinda wanna do it for my move and just have it magically done, but that's not gonna happen.

4. What's a song you love that has a day of the week in the title or lyrics? 
I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas.

5. Are you a fan of berries? Which one's your favorite? What's the most recent berry dish you've eaten? Which blueberry breakfast food appeals to you most-blueberry pancakes, blueberry yogurt, or a blueberry muffin? 
I love berries, strawberries the most, with a little water and sugar, yum! Village Inn sent me a thing in the mail where they have a strawberry crepe meal, looks so good. I got chocolate covered blueberries for Christmas. I have to admit I don't eat them that much. I'd take the pancakes, I love pancakes and blueberries are pretty good, too.

6. What's something you want to do before your next birthday? 
Like anything? Cause I would love to go shopping for crafty stuff at Micheal's, Dollar Tree and JoAnn's in a town south of here with my friend. I'd actually love to do that for my birthday.
Or maybe you're thinking of a bucket list thing, I'd really love to have a vacation. I don't really know. It's coming soon (see above).

7. June 1st is National Say Something Nice Day, so let's all say something nice here. 
I was discussing this with my co-workers today, we decided that means every other day of the year, we can be mean. ;) How about thank you to Joyce for coming up with these questions every week, even though we know she's got a ton of other stuff going on her life.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Like I said, I have to move soon. I wish I could just have a bunch of people come over and help me sort and pack. When my parents moved, my mom's side of the family came over and helped. I mentioned that to my dad the other day, and said I'd love if they did that for me, even though we know they won't. I wanted to make sure I had most of my crafty stuff done by June 1st, because I'm gonna crack down and go into cleaning/sorting/getting rid of mode. I even requested a few days of work off to focus more on it. I'm really stressed about it.


Mary said...

Moving is a real pain, but on the bright side: what a great way to declutter and get rid of some stuff you don't use! :)

Joyce said...

I understand your move pain. I almost said moving as my answer because it is one of those life experiences that make me want to go back to bed and wake up having it all done. I will be moving sometime in the next few months, once the house is completed. I kind of block that part of the whole build-ha! Enjoy your day!

Elizabeth Day said...

Moving can be a real pain, and I've done my share. But with the last two, I decided it was time that I kept only those things we really love. That was so liberating and has been great fun at the same time.