Monday, June 06, 2016

What's new?

Friday, was the annual art walk. Here is one thing my friend's mom bought for me:

Saturday, I found a few garage sales, sadly they weren't as exciting as I wanted them to be. I walked 4.32 miles and spent $3.50
 some appliques, a birdhouse hanging made out of lace, cross stitched girl and balloons
 a snowman stocking, a couple vintage ornaments and a magnet
 some flowers and a couple scones

Today, I read that Hobby Lobby had the Paper Studio and Stampabilities on sale for 50% off. I needed paper and I've really been wanting a punch lately. I ended up spending about $47, but I found a great deal.
 12x12 all seasons paper pack, cupcake stickers, travel stickers, coffee washi, 'snail mail' stamp set and a 1" circle punch.
I *needed* 12x12 paper. One of the things I've been trying to do (and mostly failing), is putting a piece of paper in the back of my pocket letters, so my partners can't see right away what goodies I put inside for them. I didn't have a lot patterned papers to do this with, so I picked up a 12x12 paper pack today. I also wanted some colored cardstock, but because of the great find in the picture below, I put it back.
The cupcake stickers are for someone's birthday. I have no reason for buying the travel stickers. I wanted more washi and for some reason picked up this coffee set, I don't even like coffee, the other one has tiny +'s on it. They are foiled, which I love. The 'snail mail' stamp set has a snail and an envelope. I've been looking for an envelope stamp/stickers for awhile. I saw this set a few weeks ago when I was here, and wanted it, this time it was 50% off so I picked it up. I've also been wanting a punch lately. I found some punchouts someone had sent me and started using those for handmade embellishments. I really liked the smaller circle, so I bought a 1" circle punch today. I have been punching circles out of sticker backs since I got home.
Here is the great find:
 In the back is a Project Life starter set on clearance for $10.97. I calculated it out, it comes to not even 2 cents per card. There's also a stuffed monster, some heart flat backs, some teal/pink bows and some pink flat backs.
I've been watching some videos where people are buying the Project Life starter sets. They are marked at $29.99, the person I've been watching has been using her 40% coupon to get them for $17.99. I found this set on the bottom shelf of the clearance section, I couldn't find anything wrong with it, and when I saw the price I didn't think twice. I put a few things back and got that. I've been wanting Project Life cards for awhile, I didn't realize there were so many multiples in the set. I love it, though!
I can't pass by a monster, I love them. The rest of the items in the picture are for someone's birthday.
I also went to JoAnn's. I haven't been there for awhile, I just never found anything to buy there. Last Monday, mom went there for something, so I tagged along. I found their clearance aisle, which wasn't that impressive, but most items were marked at $0.50. Most of what I bought went into the picture below.
So, I went back today and picked up a few more things that also went into the picture below. I did find one thing for my friend's birthday:
 One of the items I bought, was marked at $1.97, but rang up over $2.00, I didn't notice it until I was home, and I wasn't interested in going back for the right price. So, I guess I won't be frequenting JoAnn's anymore. They have one aisle for papercrafting stuff, half of that is their clearance aisle. The other side of the aisle is punches and dies for die cut machines and cutting tools. There aren't any stamps, barely any stickers, none under $4.00. So, it's just not worth it.
This is what I was talking about. Every time I've bought something fun/crafty, I've been putting it in this bag for my birthday present to myself. Today I decided it was full enough:
 Plus, my birthday is on July 2nd. So I might as well stop buying before I remember what's in it. This way I know I'll have something I want for my birthday.

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