Monday, May 16, 2016

Craft haul

So, May's first garage sale weekend was sad, but I think part of that was that there weren't any craft supplies. I went to a sale this weekend and bought $6.00 worth of craft supplies. It was also a co-worker's sale, so maybe I felt obligated. I had five sales on my list for the past weekend. One of them was not very close to the others, so I was going to go to that one on Friday, but then it rained. I was also making art and lost track of time. 
Saturday, I woke up and it was 37 degrees and my weather app said it felt like 29. I dug out a somewhat heavy coat and started on my way, and then got hot three blocks later. 
The first sale I went to, I remember it being very good last year. There were quite a few things I wanted, but I don't like to pay over $2.00 for things at sales. I did pick up a ledger and an address book.
 I thought the address book might help me keep track of my swaps. Sadly, it's very small and doesn't really give me room to put all the information in it, it was only a quarter so not a big deal if it doesn't work out.
As I was walking to the next sale, I noticed this giant domino in someone's front yard:
Also on my way to the next sale, I noticed this customized license plate:
 It says 'GR8SKOT'. I figured it was from Back to the Future, Doc says Great Scott! a lot.
The next sale was a bust, so I wandered along to my co-worker's sale, and found a few things to buy:
 A sheet of chipboard birthday stickers, sadly they were wet from the day before, so I aired them out. I have books on them, flattening them out right now, but it's only like 1/3 of the sheet, so I hope they'll work out. A sheet of chipboard Halloween stickers, I picked these up for my penpal, she really likes Halloween. Some project life cards. I have been wanting some of these for awhile and I had just watched Amanda K's video on getting some in the mail, so I really wanted them. There are a lot of doubles, but since I didn't have any before, it's better than what I had.
A gorgeous cut metal Christmas ornament. I really didn't need this, but it was just so gorgeous. Some black heart dangly earrings. I have been looking for simple black earrings for awhile. Some felt Thanksgiving stickers. I'm not sure why I bought these, I don't really create for Thanksgiving, but the squirrel was really cute. A 'friends' stamp, I've been seeing people use small stamps in their pocket letters and flip books I want to start doing that. Some journaling bits, I have already used a few of these in a couple flip books I made this weekend. Some fabric flowers, love these, also used one in a flip book. And a cupcake stamp, I'm planning on doing a 'sweet' theme for a future pocket letter.

The last 2 sales were also busts. Yesterday, I woke up and my eye was twitching, did that almost all day. I have no idea why, but it made it hard to focus on anything, I basically watched youtube all day. I finally went into my craft closet about 7pm and finished a few things so I could get them mailed out today.

Find anything good this weekend?

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