Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Mini Walmart Haul and other stuff

I have been wanting to spend money lately. Mostly because I'm *trying* to not spend money. It works really well if you don't go out.
I went to Walmart for laundry soap, which was the most expensive thing I bought tonight (cause you know it can't be cheap), and ended up with a few other things:
Most of it is from the clearance aisle. Those pens were $5.00, they were originally $10.97 for 24 pens of assorted colors. There were two of them, so I could have gotten 48 pens for less than the original price. I don't need 24 new pens, so I certainly don't need 48 more pens.
I've gotten into closing my swap envelopes with decorative duct tape. This roll was 15 yards for $0.50, the packaging says $1.50, but it rang up as $0.50. I think it's kinda boring, but I could always go in with sharpies and color it.
I don't know why I picked up the sticky notes. They look like a text message conversation on an iPhone, there are 100 sheets, and I got them for $0.50. I'm gonna have to start sending sticky notes with all my swap packages. I found some shaped like envelopes that say 'Snail Mail' on them in my desk, they are wicked cute.
The cards in front are from We R Memory Keepers, they are travel themed, but there are a lot in the pack that don't need to be used for travel stuff. There are 18 sheets measuring 3x4 inches, so if I wanted to use them in pocket letters, I'd have to trim them down a bit. I could always use them for flip books. I seem to have been picking up a lot of travel themed stuff lately.
The candy is for work. We finished something pretty big last Friday and we have a group meeting tomorrow, so I thought it'd be a nice celebration.
I'm gonna need to buy a new pencil case to hold all these pens now.
I have to go to Target soon for antacids (because I like the taste of the Target ones, and I have cartwheel savings on it). I added cartwheel savings for The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2, but when I looked at the price on the website and figured out what I would pay I've decided not to buy it. I plan to have the whole set, but I won't buy them until they hit $10, or below. DVDs are certainly not something I need more of.
I just realized I did need more colored pens. I have a set I use for something and they're felt-tipped pens, but they are really running low. I don't need 24 new pens, but I was going to replace these other pens soon, and they would have cost quite a bit more.

Anywho, garage sale season is starting (or has started), I went to a few a couple weeks ago, and bought 1 thing. Very disappointing, I think I even bought it because I hadn't found anything to buy, luckily it was only $1, so not a big spend. I did pick up a free Alf puppet, sadly he is headed for the trash. He reeked of cigarette smoke and after spending a few weeks in a baking soda filled bag he still reeks of cigarette smoke.
This weekend, I have a few big ones that I'm going to. Friday, there is a large sale in a neighboring town's fairgrounds and it benefits the Humane Society. Friday morning, I'm also going to an apartment building's sale, one I've been going to for years, before work.
Saturday, I'm going to another neighboring town's city-wide sales. Sadly, I signed up to work later that morning, so I don't have near as much time as usual. Let's hope I don't spend my whole paycheck that morning.

Last weekend, there were no sales in my neighborhood and it rained all day on Saturday. There will be a post on all my finds, either Saturday afternoon or Sunday.

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