Friday, May 20, 2016

Boring shopping haul

I've been watching too many of people's haul videos and then going shopping and realize once again, that my stores are not near as exciting as other people's. I did have to pick up some boring items this week.
 All of these are from the Dollar Tree. A box of snack size ziploc bags for a swap, some legal size envelopes (maybe some day, I'll have a pocket letter thin enough to fit in one of these), some nail polish, rubber gloves and sponges.
I'm doing a swap through a Facebook page where we're sending snack size ziploc baggies filled with art goodies to partners. I didn't have any at home, so for a dollar, why not. I picked up some legal size envelopes. I have a pen pal, but my envelopes are not big enough for a regular size piece of paper. I figured these would make it a little easier. Plus, if I ever make a pocket letter thin enough, I could theoretically mail them in a legal size envelope. I got lazy a few weeks ago and stopped trimming my fingernails, so I thought I'd pick up some nail polish. I love this color, it reminds me of a mermaid's tail. I have to say, I'm kinda anal about chipping it, though. I'm afraid that when I get back in my crafting room, I'm gonna chip it and be bothered by that. I'll probably give up on nail polish, so it's not bad that I only spent a dollar for it.
 This is from Walmart. I've been needing some glue, and I didn't want to go to Hobby Lobby because everything is so tempting in that store. The tacky glue was $1.97. I also realized I need some more alpha stickers, so I picked up these two sets for 97 cents each, I'll probably have to go to Hobby Lobby to get some more. I have some black sparkly ones that I love, but I'm not sure where I got them.
And these are from Target. I originally went for glue sticks and pocket letter pockets. I had a few pockets left over from when I was trading lots of ATCs but I noticed the other day, I was running low. I believe these were the most expensive thing I bought all day for $4.99. I didn't find any tacky glue at Target, so I had to go to Walmart for that. Awhile back, I bought some glue sticks at the Dollar Tree, but then it didn't work so well. I'm hoping these Elmer's ones will work better, they were $2.29. The bookmarks were in their clearance section. They were originally $3.99, and I love these, I feel we find quite a few left behind in books at work, and I love collecting them, I've never seen them in stores, but when I see them in people's hauls they are a little expensive for my tastes. These say they're scented, which I don't care about. I am planning on making a pocket letter with a sweets theme, plus I want to make a birthday flip book with a sweets theme, so I think these will work to send along with both, they were $1.98. I'm always planning to send erasers, and failing, with my pocket letters. These were in the Target dollar spot and matched one of their card sets, they are pretty cute. I got them for $1.00.

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