Sunday, May 08, 2016

Target and Dollar Tree Haul

Now, I have my fix in crafting supplies. I went to Target and Dollar Tree. I went to Target because I needed antacids and Target has the best tasting ones (at least that's my opinion), that was the most expensive item I bought. I decided I would visit the dollar spot and the clearance sections. Sadly, there wasn't much in the clearance sections. 
Here's what I found:
A minion sticker set, sticky notes (why do I keep buying these?), a cute pen (totally for my desk at work, and he's so soft), some ombre-ish tags (they're actually cut like banners on the bottom), and three rolls of washi tape.
Next up was the Dollar Tree. I always wander down every aisle because you never know where you're gonna find stuff.
Here's what I got:
 some memo tags (I actually picked up two sets of these, there were 8 in each), some dimensional owl and under the sea stickers, two googly eyed monsters (I love these, they give me such joy), and some heart jewel stickers.
I found most of these stickers (except the under the sea stickers) on the shelf at the bottom of the sticker section.
 Some binder clips, a pencil case, a set of labels, some duct tape, a notebook.
I bought the binder clips to send out with pocket letters, the pencil case for the pens I bought last week, the labels for my packages (I reuse a lot of my mailing envelopes and need something to cover up my address), the duct tape for the packages as well, and the note book to use when I go garage saleing. When I go garage saleing, I walk, so I have to have my addresses easily accessible and the purse I use is not that big, so I'm hoping this notebook holds up, I also like to write down how much I've spent.
And the gummies. I love gummy food, and the Dollar Tree has a great gummy section. There is a bag of chocolate covered blueberries at the top, worms, fruit, peaches and bears. These will be gone in a couple days.

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