Saturday, June 06, 2015

Garage sales

I always seem to be catching up on here. So last I posted, I got caught up until Memorial Day.
Basically, I've been working and trying to get caught up on my reading.
On May 29th, I got this guy in the mail. It's a speaker, his eyes are the speakers.
 Last Saturday, my mom and I went to the Lucky Star Market, so I didn't make it to any garage sales. I did pick up a couple things there, though.
I really like the plate below, and it was only a dollar. I bought the pack in the middle of it, I think just to buy something, plus it was only a dollar too. I did get a bunch of business cards though. 
 Sunday, we had a bridal shower to go to. The card with buttons below was for the bride. The other was for my cousin's kid, she graduated from high school this year.
I got to put together the presents, and had fun decorating the wrapping.
 A few more presents
 This Friday, I went to the Art Walk downtown. I was looking forward to it all week, sadly it's mostly big wall art, which I can't buy or jewelry that I'm not going to wear. I did get some nice business cards, though.
 I was also wanting food, usually my friend Emily and I go, we go to each store, look at the art and eat the food. This year my mom came along, we didn't really look at much art, and didn't eat a lot of food. I also kinda ignored my mom, I feel rather bad about that.
Today, even though there weren't many garage sales in my area, it was a really good sales day.
I totally filled up my bag:
 I bought something at nearly every sale I went to.
The first sale was a lot of vintage stuff. I picked up some jewelry, a Santa for my mother, a weird Christmas item and a mouse.
 The next sale was a couple of antique dealers. I was thinking that the prices would be more like antique mall prices, but some of the stuff was really cheap.
I picked up a candle holder, a scarf (kinda feels like silk), a blue bottle and a tiny kitten tin.
 The next sale was a fundraiser to send girls to camp. It was a pay what you want, I picked up some activity books, yarn, tiny bags and a fall wallhanging.
 These next two sales were supposed to be part of a neighborhood of sales, but I only saw the two. One was my co-workers, I picked up Papa Smurf, an activity book and an egg pin, the blue dog, angry bird and bendy bunny were free.
 The last sale, I found my favorite purchase of the day. I love this pillow I picked up, a purse, a tube of lip gloss and a tiny picture frame
After this sale, I kinda got lost. Finally figured out where I was and wandered on to another sale. There were about 3 or 4 items with prices on a table. There was also a lawn mower stopped in the middle of mowing the lawn. It didn't seem like a sale at all.

Now, I'm home trying to figure out if I want to head out to an event in Campustown this afternoon.

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