Saturday, June 20, 2015

Disappointing sales

I didn't find a lot at the sales this weekend. My goal lately has been vintage buttons and minions, but I haven't found any.
Yesterday, I had 3 sales on my list, sadly I misread an ad for one that was for scrapbooking supplies, it was for a different town. When I got to the cross street, I didn't see any signs, but thought I'd look anyway, when I noticed the address didn't exist, I realized I misread the ad.
The next sales were a neighborhood, I picked up a neat notebook, a cute turtle a few Christmas ornaments, two toothbrush heads and a cute watering can magnet.
 Today, I had sales pretty much all over my part of town. When I decided to start out, this giant cloud covered the sun and it got really dark and windy, but all my radar said it wouldn't rain, so I headed out. This is how the sky looked when I left.
 I love how the cloud has a definitive end to it. The first two sales didn't have much. I did pick up a piece of dyed fabric and a bag of hankies. The two flowers were free.
The third sale had quite a bit of vintage jewelry, sadly most of it was in boxes and you had to buy the whole box, I'm not a fan of those sales. There was a bag of vintage pins for $15, but I couldn't see paying that much for the whole bag. I did buy some jewelry, picture will be below.
I really just wanted a few pieces, but when I thought about paying $1 for each piece I wanted, I decided it was worth it to pay $5 for the box, but I would have liked more of a deal for it.
 I really just wanted the two earrings that went with the pin in the middle at the top, the locket (round piece in middle), the pin to the left of the locket and the tiny cable car charm between the earrings and the locket.
This was inside the locket, I'm rather glad I bought it.
Then I headed north to the next sale, I got about five or so blocks and it started raining, I thought it would just be a little bit, but after awhile it started pouring, I had to stop under a tree until it let up. I didn't find much to buy at the last three sales I went to except a bunch of foam sheets for $1.50, the care bear was free, the fabric at the bottom was $1 from the second sale.
On my way to the last sale, I wandered down a very muddy street and slipped/tripped on my foot and skinned my toe. Man, that hurt, and it still hurts. I didn't have a way to clean the mud off of it until I got home, and then I was scrubbing dried mud off of it. It's been stinging all afternoon when some air hits it and when I took a nice hot shower not so long ago. I also went down to our farmer's market. Last week all the baked goods looked so yummy, this week most of the same booths were there and none of it looked too good.
When I got home and looked at how much I walked, I learned it was about 6.3 miles. I was soo tired, I didn't want to go to work. I splurged on a Coke and a fried chicken dinner at the grocery store, sadly the chicken didn't taste very good.
Now, I'm sitting on the couch resting my feet, a day off my feet would be great, but that's not in my plans until most likely next Sunday.

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