Saturday, June 27, 2015

Very cool buttons

I found some old pictures, so we're gonna go back a few weeks. Thursday, June 11th, my friend and I went out to lunch, while we were out, I picked out these cute little guys.
I thought they were really cute, and they were on sale. I think the lizard is my favorite.
The next day was the start of the garage saleing weekend. I had decided the night before that I needed a new notebook to record all the books I've read. I found one at the first sale I went to. There were also some cool Pillsbury doughboys that I was going to buy for my aunt, but I decided they were priced too high.
A notebook, the cute little jar is red inside, the vintage Santa kit I'm planning to make for my mother and the Spiderman was just too cute. This is the same sale I found a really cool brass elephant at years ago, so I know there's usually a lot of cool things there, but it started on Thursday, so there was less to pick from.
The next sale had my buy of the day, I love it the elephant.
All the tiny toys were free at another sale, the butterfly plate, I thought it would be good for a swap.
The next day there were a few sales but they were on opposite sides of town, I went to one and found a bag of cute stuff and decided to give up for the day and head down to the farmer's market where I picked up a box of strawberry cookies for $6.
Every baked good looked so good and yummy at the farmer's market that week when I didn't have much money to spend. The next week (last week) nothing looked good, and this week I went on Junkin N June, so I didn't make it to the farmer's market. I wanted to get some yummy baked goods before my birthday (or for my birthday), but I guess I'll have to wait until the 12th, as there is no farmer's market next week because of the 4th of July.
Skipping ahead to this week, I decided to go to garage sales yesterday to get some exercise, I thought I'd spend lots of money on stuff at Junkin N June today. I ended up walking a little over 4 miles and spent about $3.
I walked by this house on my way to the first sale, I thought the flowers were extremely cute. I don't know what they were made of, but I'm sure they could easily be made out of paper.
At the first sale, I found this great stocking, and added to my picture frame collection.
a neat stocking, two frames. I've decided I shouldn't have a picture frame collection, I started collecting them when I saw them on sale at Hobby Lobby, they have some cool ones they clearance out, then I started picking them up at garage sales thinking I could use them in swaps. Now I have almost 10 and I think I should create something to put in them and then try to sell them.
The next stop, I picked up a solar dancing lamb for my friend and the last stop I found another picture frame.
 a cute solar dancing lamb, the cute necklace is a watch I just bought it cause it was cute, the jack-o-lantern was free.
The stickers were in a box together, the frame was very cool it looks pretty old, it's got faux pearls and crystals in.
When I got back from garage saleing, I read about the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and was overjoyed at the outcome, when I got to work, I found these hanging up:
Sadly, some patron tore down the one in the front window today and threw it in the garbage.
I was all bummed I didn't find any minions yesterday (that's one of the top things on my list), and I was telling people at work and then someone left one in my mailbox, it made my day.

Today was Junkin N June, me and mom go every year. Earlier this year when I told mom of the dates, she said she'd be out of town, then about a month ago she told me that had been cancelled and she'd go with me. Tuesday, she hadn't decided if she wanted to go today or Sunday, I found this a little frustrating because I wanted to plan my weekend. Last night, we decided it would be today because it was supposed to be warmer and rain tomorrow. But, she also said the one thing she had to do was go to the eyeglasses place, but that it wasn't really an emergency. I really like how she decides her time is so much more important than my time.
I got to my parents condo about 9AM today, and we went to the eyeglasses place, I guess something good came out of it, because she said they'd (my parents) would pay for an eye exam and a new pair of glasses, which is what I've decided I really need for my birthday. We didn't get started until about 10AM, and then it took about a half hour to get to our first stop.
I found a jar of buttons for about $8, I've decided I hit the mother lode on those. There were a bunch of metal two piece ones, I love them.
There was a horrible smell when I opened the jar, so I separated out my favorites and soaked them for awhile. Here are some plastic ones:
 Some more plastic ones, mostly with shanks. The giant red one looks like it's got leather or something in the middle, it could just be plastic that's degraded. The two in the bottom right corner have a shimmery fabric on them, I'm hoping they'll look nicer when they dry.
These are my favorites, the metal ones, feel free to enlarge the picture. There are a lot of two piece metal ones in there. I didn't see that top one was flipped over when I took the picture, so there's a picture below of that one and a little close up of the others around it.
 Here's some mixed ones, and some more two piece metal ones. I like the two at the top on the left, the first one has a moon, the second one has a bunch of grapes. I also like the larger one above the green ones, it looks like a bridge, my other favorite one is the gold colored one on the right. it doesn't actually have a shank on it, it took me the longest time to flip it over and notice it was two heads.
 Here's the close-up of the big one from the above picture. I like that one too.
Most of the places I went to weren't very exciting today. We ended up going back through Ames and eating pretty much right across the street from the eyeglasses place. The original plan was to go to a town about 20 minutes north and eat there, but because of the late start, we stopped in Ames. We decided the places in the north town weren't very exciting and we didn't need to go back in the future. Our last stops of the day were in the town/at the place that puts this event together, I thought it was pretty picked over because it was about 3pm by the time we made it there. At the last stop, I found this great box.
I love this box, it looks like a patchwork quilt of velvet. I think I'm gonna store my buttons in it.
I decided last night not to go on this next year, my mom always seems to make it seem like it's a big inconvenience for her, and then today taking so much time to start. And then later when we were driving between towns she said she wanted to go to a place that was in a different direction and I told her we passed it earlier in the day and she asked why I didn't tell her, I didn't tell her because she didn't say she was interested in it. We decided to go to some new places today, but I guess that meant to her that we weren't going to go to some of the regular places we usually go even though they were on the way to the places we did go.
It was just a kind of frustrating day. I am very happy with my purchases, and I'm happy that I didn't spend all my cash. I feel I say I didn't have as much fun every year, so why keep saying that, I should just stop going.

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