Saturday, May 03, 2014

New purchases.

I've been lax on posting lately. Seems I'm only doing the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Last weekend, my co-worker and I went to The Lucky Star Market at the local winery, basically it was a bunch of artists selling their wares. I didn't buy a ton, but I love what I bought:
a cute teddy bear, 3 different kinds of washi tape (which I actually used some of the other day), a cute square of flowers and some photos.
I had read on their website that the first 50 people were to get a free bag. We didn't make it into the first 50, but I really wanted a bag so I picked one up. I'll have to say I didn't really practice much self control.
I also got a new friend:
She had built a nest on the fire escape right out my kitchen window. One day, I heard this thumping and I thought my neighbors were slamming their back door, I go into the kitchen and a robin flies away. I finally started inching into the kitchen, and found this robin flying into the window.
She would alternate flying and hitting the window with her beak and flying at the window and grazing it with her wings. And then I'd come into the kitchen and watch her, and she'd sit on the fire escape and stare at me. It was very bizarre.
And then, last Sunday, we started the week of rain. It rained about an inch on Sunday, with a few downpours. And basically rained all week. I haven't seen her since.
A few weeks ago, Cathy at Ma Vie Trouvee posted about green tea kit kats, and that got me interested, so I wandered over to one of the three Asian food stores here looking for green tea and other flavors of kit kats. I didn't find any of those, but I found these yummy goey things called mochi. I'm not entirely sure what they are, but I really like them. They're made with rice paste and some kind of flavoring. I bought some green tea mochi, and then there were some other ones also called mochi, but they were only made with powder and not the paste, those weren't as good. So, I went back for more. And I bought some choco sticks with taro (which I'm still not quite sure what that is), some mango mochi, mango cakes, some more green tea mochi, and some red bean mochi. While I was picking out these new ones to try, I was eyeing some other ones.
I'm not too sold on the mango mochi or mango cakes, it seems the Asians don't sweeten them up as much as we do.
Wednesday, my parents say we need to talk. That's always a good sign right? Well, turns out, their realator says they need to list the house soon, and he's coming to take pictures next Tuesday, and by that time I have to clean, make sure there's no clutter on the floor. My parents said I could stack boxes in my closets, but not so much that people can't get into the closets, and I'm not supposed to sort while I'm cleaning. So, I'm a little stressed out.
Friday, my friend and I went shopping, usually I have a great time with her, but I imposed a rule on myself that I wasn't allowed to buy stuff I didn't need and only bought one thing I didn't need. While we were out, the sky looked so cool, so I had to take a picture of it:
Today, my co-worker and I went to a close town's garage sale. I spent less that $20 dollars, but I don't feel like I got anything really cool. I did see an old radio:
Here's what I did buy this weekend, the one thing I bought yesterday, a bird garland:
And the things I picked up today: some activity books (the totally help with my stress), a make your own gnome kit, some fabric flowers,
a couple solar dancing guys, a cute cat, a few pieces of jewelry,
And I headed back to the Asian food store today, and bought the rest of the flavors of mochi they had there. Some three pack, taro and some red bean cakes. I am not allowed to go to that store anymore. I'm also not allowed to spend anymore money on myself.

And I found out that since it's May, I now have dental insurance.

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