Saturday, May 24, 2014

Garage sale finds and stuff

Looks like I haven't posted my finds in awhile. Also, this post has quite a few pictures in it. So, last weekend I spent less than $5 all weekend. Friday, I picked up a cute Asian tin, a green scarf, and some vintage trim. I figured the tin would work for a swap, the scarf and trim for art projects, I actually used some of the trim for a blue swap already.
 Saturday, I saw this beautiful carnival glass bowl, here's the top:
 and the bottom, for 50 cents, but I didn't need it, and I'm downsizing, but how gorgeous is it?
 I bought some books (I'm not allowed to buy books anymore), F in Exams, we have another book by this author at the library, I figured after I read it, I would donate it and see if we couldn't get it in the collection. Cut it, Paste it, Sew it, was soo cute inside. Fun food, because I have a hard time walking away from cooking books, and Working with Difficult People, because that's life.
 I also picked up this gorgeous needlepoint, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it, but it was so pretty.
 Tuesday, we had a hailstorm and torrential downpour. I ran outside and collected a hail stone:
 That was about the biggest they got, most of them were the size of marbles, but they didn't melt at all during that storm. About 10-15 minutes later we got the torrential rain, it rained so hard, some streets got flooded. I heard a few of them took quite awhile to drain.

While I was sorting and cleaning, I found this paper mache rabbit I bought at a sale a couple years ago. I covered it in dictionary paper, and haven't been able to get rid of it. It's probably going into a garage sale.
We had to have the house nicely cleaned because they were going to take pictures on Wednesday in order to list the house.
 Wednesday, I decided to take a little break from life, while they were taking pictures and went shopping. I didn't spend too much, I had to spend the last $11 left on a gift card I got two Christmases ago. I also found a couple $1 shirts at Walmart, and Burlesque. The library used to have a copy and then it disappeared from the system, last time I wanted to watch it, they had to order it from another library, I figured this way, I wasn't going to be a burden next time I wanted to watch it.
 Thursday night, I made myself some yummy looking nachos.
Yesterday, I found some pretty cool things, the coolest was free.
The first sale, I bought a Coke and went next door. While I was there buying the owls and purple bag, I decided I needed the multi-colored purse. I originally bought it for a friend, but I've been looking for a smaller bag lately, and I think I'm gonna keep it. I'm still collecting owls, basically I paid 10 cents for that little tiny pewter one. I figured I could use the purple bag in a swap.
 The background piece was my best find. As I was walking to another sale, I stumbled over a table in someone's yard that said "Free, just leave the table", so I picked up the owl and moose. On the ground was a box of linens, when I saw the pillowcase, I had to have it.
 Here's a close-up, it looks like someone sewed a bunch of vintage lace together to create it, I LOVE it. I did take off the blue velvet bow. I'd love to take off the frilly outside and back it with something to create a wallhanging, but I know that won't happen.
 I bought this box of Christmas ornaments for $1 at another sale, basically I wanted the cross stitch piece and the cute little gnomes
 I also like the snowman and whatever kind of bird is in the lower right hand corner.
 The last sale, I found two cute plates and a matching bowl in a free box. I think I should have left the bowl behind, maybe it will make it's way into my garage sales. I thought the book was extra cute, and the cookie cutters are Pillsbury Doughboys, they're for my aunt
 I also picked up a barrette for art purposes, a cute turtle necklace, a fabric flower and a cute bear.
There are soo many things I keep talking myself out of buying. I didn't buy anything at garage sales today. I found a few DVDs but I'm not buying anymore of those (I have 170 already). I'm not allowed to look at fabric, or craft supplies or many decorative items. It's kinda depressing, but I make myself go to get some exercise, plus if I didn't go, I wouldn't have found that cool pillowcase.
 Last night, they put the for sale sign in the front yard and the listing went up at 10PM. Today we had a showing. Now that it's really real, it's kinda depressing.

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