Saturday, May 10, 2014

My week

I was so glad it was Friday yesterday, I've been waiting for the end of the week since Monday night, which was really crappy.
So, Monday, I found out I didn't get a salaried job I applied for. I'm not sure why. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I know I can't live off the library as my main job anymore, it's not economically feasible for me.
But, I really couldn't take much time for myself. I had to have my apartment cleaned by Tuesday at 2. My mom had told me I had three weeks of cleaning to do. I know you guys don't know what my apartment looked like before, but here are some nice clean pictures for you. They're a little out of order.
This is looking into the living room from the doorway. Normally, there is a stack of books behind the chair, a box of mail stuff on the floor by the magazine rack, a box behind the desk chair, and some kind of food stuff next to the couch.
This is looking toward the living room from the top of the stairs. My apartment is on the third floor of a Victorian house, so that's two flights of stairs, one very windy when I get home from a long day. My craft closet would be to the left of the photo, most of the time, my craft supplies cover the hallway because I don't have much room for them.
I've turned to the left from the picture above. I'm now looking east to my bedroom, you can see my craft closet door on the left.
And here we are in my bedroom, to the left is my bathroom. To the right is one of my dressers. Normally, I have a lot of stuff on the floor. The bed is generally not made. That pink chair is usually filled with stuffed animals.
Here I've turned to the right of the photo above. Usually, I have a large laundry basket on the floor next to the chair, there's clothes hanging from the rack in the corner.
Like I said the pictures are out of order. You can see my stairs to the right. The place we're looking at is usually covered in boxes, coats, shoes and my purse. My kitchen counter is usually covered in dishes waiting to be washed.
And here were are looking into my kitchen. The table is usually covered in stuff. Like I said the kitchen counter is usually covered in dishes. Until last week, I had a large box on the floor with stuff I wanted to get rid of.
And here we're looking into the living room from the kitchen. This doorway is on the other side of the refrigerator in the picture above. Once again, I usually have a lot of stuff on my floor.
This is what our garbage cans looked like Tuesday morning. I was really impressed that the garbage guys took it all away. I felt sorry for them.
So, I took the rest of the week for myself. Tuesday, when the realtor and my parents came through, I went downtown to buy things for my Favorite Color swap partner. I found a few things, and something for me. I found a 1.25 pint Old Orchard Pyrex bowl. I don't know if it's vintage, but I love the size, so I bought it. That night, we went to Red Green. It's hard faking being happy, when you'd really like to stay at home and mope.
Wednesday, I had to be at work at noon, I basically sat on my ass and watched a movie I forgot to take back, I figured if it was gonna be late, I might as well watch it. It was hard at work, thankfully it was all people who didn't get the job, so we all talked about it, we needed it. One of my co-workers even gave me a hug, I really needed that.
Thursday, I also worked at noon, I'm not even sure what I did that morning. It was very awkward at work, I had to work/interact with 3 people that got salaried jobs.
Friday, I slept in and took my time at stuff. One of my neighbors was having their annual sale, so I wondered over to that.
I bought two Pookie bears (Garfield's teddy bear, it's kinda funny, I got rid of all my Garfield stuffed animals, but I bought these.), an I Love Lucy beanie baby, and a couple cute boxes I thought I could use for swaps.
I went to the grocery store to mail my Favorite Color swap package, and a couple Altoid tins someone bought off my Etsy store. On the way home, I stopped by our cupcake emporium, I had to pick up my free cupcake, and of course buy some. I'm standing there waiting to be helped and there's these two ladies in front of me ordering lunch (which is kinda weird, cause their main product is cupcakes), and one of them says all she wants is lunch, no cupcake. The other one comments that just by being there and smelling them, she was gaining weight.
They are peanut butter cup, pink champagne, dark chocolate/white swirl, dirt and worms, hazelnut and dark chocolate raspberry. Later that night, I hung out with a friend who also didn't get the job and we bitched about work and other stuff.
Today, I had about 6 garage sales I wanted to go to. I had planned to do some of them on Friday, but I got distracted by the computer. I didn't find very much to buy and spent about $5.00. I ended up walking 5.52 miles, and my feet were not happy when I got home.
I've dubbed this, the Elmo pillow. It pretty much looks like someone skinned Elmo and made him into a pillow. And I certainly don't need another pillow, but I like it.
I have no idea what these are, I found them and bought them because they are wicked cute. There's pigs, frogs, turtles, killer whales, seahorses, hippos, a dolphin, a teddy bear, monkeys, kangaroos, clown fish, octopi, and elephants. They're kinda rubbery and have a hole in the bottom like they're pencil toppers. I also bought a thimble for my collection.
When I got home, I found my Favorite Color package on the porch. I said my color was purple, and I'm a bit disappointed in the stuff in the package. There were a couple fake flower napkin rings, a spatula, a towel, a couple candles, a cute little hedgehog lip balm and a bottle of lavender soap. I kinda feel that she just put in things most people would like/need and didn't really pay attention to what I liked. I did say I liked fake flowers, so there was that.
I feel I should stop doing swaps, it seems one of every five or so I get something I'm actually excited about.
After getting home, I sat down for about 20 minutes, then had to go get gas so I could mow the lawn. And then had a heck of a time starting the mower, and then it got clogged because the lawn was really bad, so we had to raise the height of the mower, one of the wheels is stuck or something, so it's really hard to change, that was fun. Even with raising the height of the mower it still took forever to get the lawn done, and then I had to lower it back to normal height and mow again. I did get to take a small break while eating lunch.
I feel like I've been busy all day. Now, that I'm actually sitting still, my legs, feet and back hurt. I'm really tired and heading to bed really soon.

How was everyone else's week?

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