Thursday, May 15, 2014

Favorite Color Swap

It's time to reveal what I got in The Favorite Color Swap.
I was paired up with Tracee of A Taste of My Mind. I told her my favorite color was purple. I actually don't have a single favorite color, but I thought I'd try to incorporate some purple into my decor. Here's what she got me:
A purple towel, purple candles, a purple spatula, a purple hedgehog lip gloss, lavender scented soap, and some pretty purple flower napkin rings.

To see what other people got, click on the button below:
Favorite Color Swap image


Beth W said...

You had me at purple hedgehog lippy! How adorable. Where on earth did she find a purple towel? That's awesome!

MrsTee said...

Lavender is such a pretty scent and shade of purple... great collection of items.

Miss Angie said...

Beautiful colors, I love it! Thanks for joining us!