Friday, June 08, 2012

Stuff I bought

I made my day earlier. I had a $25 credit on Amazon, and Mark Wahlberg's my guy, so I bought Contraband,
 but then I was under the $25 super saver shipping price, so I bought Whiteout
 and The Rock. If the rest of the day went bad, it was ok. Can't wait til I get those in the mail.
And then later I went to a few garage sales. Bargain Hunter asked if we had any places we made sure we went to every year. I have a tendency to forget the address, but once I get there, I remember. The last one I went to today, I'm actually related to the lady that put it on, plus she has some great baked goods.
 I got a rhubarb pie, a cinnamon roll, a bag of trimand a pig for a friend.
The quilt is from the first sale I went to, it's a little faded, the toys in the corner were from the last sale, little jack-o-lantern.

Not a grand day for sales, but I have to work from 8 to 1 tomorrow, so I won't be going to any, plus I got my guy coming in the mail for me.

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*Goddess* said...

I LOVE Marky Mark and I can't WAIT to see Fred. It's coming out this week.