Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Days

Today, mom and I took a pre-birthday outing to some stops along Junkin in June. The first place we went to was very disappointing, it was in Boone, so while we were there, we stopped an an antique mall where I picked up these:
 6 vintage needle packets, a button
After that we drove around a little lost looking for 2 more stops at one I picked up these:
 a What Cheer, IA graduation program, 2 cute cards, and some cute flower magnets, the bag in the corner was a freebie with purchase.
The next items are from our last stop:
 I couldn't pass up the festive cupcake, cookie, the thing at the top is a Victorian string holder, I don't use string, but I thought it was really neat, necklace I've been eyeing for awhile it was 20% off today, so I finally picked it up
This last set is from our 3rd stop of the day:
A cute sheep pillow, and a blue Ball canning jar

It wasn't near as neat as I thought it would be. We were originally going to go yesterday afternoon, and I think that would have helped, things seemed really picked over, but given it was the 2nd day and later in the afternoon, I guess it's expected. I did get some cool stuff, the string holder made my day. Anyone got any ideas with what I could do with it, other than hold string?

Two days left til my birthday. I have no plans for tomorrow, I may end up mowing the lawn. I am planning to take a cake to work on Monday, so I'll have to bake that. Monday, I'm going to dinner with friends.

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