Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Shopping Week

This week was totally a shopping week. On Tuesday, I checked out a local consignment store and got these 4 shirts for less than $25, not one of them was over $6.00
 Wednesday, my friend and I had a fun shopping trip around Ames, first we went to Hobby Lobby and Jo-Anns, where I didn't buy a single thing. Then we went to the Dollar Tree (they just opened last week), where I bought a Father's Day card, some stickers, and some flowers. Then we headed to Target where I bought Pacific Blue 1st Season (I used to watch this show on USA when I was in high school about 10 years ago), a water bottle (I thought maybe I should buy one instead of reusing all the ones I have at home, I keep losing them anyway), some cute blue glasses, more stickers and a cute duck.
Friday, I hit some garage sales, this first one advertised lots of shells. I picked up:
 a set of dominoes for artwork, a slice of coral, a shell, and 20 kids books. At the library, they don't have a budget for the prize books for the kids reading program, they're usually taken from donations.
This next sale had posted on craigslist with the listing of "buttons, notions, and thread", I thought it would be a great sale. It was a lot smaller than I expected and most things were kinda new, I did find these buttons though:
 Next is a church sale that's about right across from the library, I have to work today at 10, so I originally planned to go in the morning before work, but I decided not to push it and went last night. I found:
 a cute embroidered dish towel, three apple juice jars. They say S.Martinelli & Co since 1868 Watsonville, CA 95077 USA Drink your apple a day Martinelli's Gold Medal apple juice 10 fl. oz 296 ML on the glass and the lids say Martinelli's gold medal apple juice since 1868 drink your apple a day. One is missing it's lid, does anyone know anything about these? I just couldn't pass them by, they were so cute.
 a cute bunny, an owl S&P set, some bouncy headed eggs and a fish, they were found in Montag's box below
 These cute porcelain pieces. They must be some kind of set, the smaller ones say Wade Eng, the dog and the fish say Wade England, anyone know anything about these? The dog and the wolf were in the bag with them
 a bundle of fresh lavender, the rest of the items here were found in the box below
 I just love this box, I think it would fun to semi-alter, I'd love to keep the gold detail. It says Montag's on the front and Montag's vanity no. 300-266 white 36 sheets 15 notes 45 envelopes rag content deckled and bordered. Obviously there was a note set in it, I would have loved to see those.
I saw this set of Campbell's soup cups and thought they were old, and figured I'd give them to my aunt who collects Campbell's stuff, but when I looked closer it says they're from 2000, oh well, they're a perfect size

What exciting things did you all find?


*Goddess* said...

Well this is quite bizarre. My mother gave me some stuff from my dad's mother's attic a long time ago and I have one of those small porcelain animals. It's the rhino or whatever the one is that's the closest to the bottom of the picture. Weird.

Shara said...

Hello - I just found your blog from Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker.

The little figures are from Wade Tea boxes. You get a free one in every box. They still do it even today. I think you an see what years yours are from on the website.

Also, I love those little apple juice bottles. You can still buy those too. I saw them at Walmart yesterday. I love it that they haven't changed the design or made them plastic or something ordinary yet.