Sunday, June 03, 2012

Fun finds today

I feel like I haven't found any good sales this year, my mother suggested I needed to take a break (that's never gonna happen). This weekend, I found a great sale.
 I had four sales on my list yesterday, the first one was at a house I had been to in the past, I found a cute blue scarf (I use them to decorate my shelf spaces), a square pyrex refrigerator dish, and a cute doily. I'm thinking about decopaging the refrigerator dish with dictionary pages, but that may change, I currently have the garland from below in it, and it looks really cute, only I don't have a place for it.
The second sale, one of the guys kept looking at me creepily, I'm so glad I didn't go Friday night like I planned to. I didn't buy anything at that sale.
 The third sale, was my sale of the day. I found this cute puppy planter, this really cool tree stump guy, I really liked this guy.
 This garland is in my refrigerator dish, birds, two bottles were in a bag together, and some figures
 I also got this bag of toys, I thought maybe I could use they tiny lizards in artwork.

My last sale, mostly nothing was priced, but I still got a steal. Shell owl, clear sundae cup, green sundae cup, tiny elephant cup, I thought it was a great deal. I love sundae cups, I actually already have the same green one, so now I have a set. I think it would be cool to have a party and serve people ice cream in my sundae cups and/or my tea cups, especially since none (or very few) of them match. The tiny cup has an elephant on it.

Any great deals in your area?

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