Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 Days to my Birthday

No exciting finds at garage sales this week, so please enjoy these nice pictures while I ramble.
I had 3 garage sales I planned to go to today. Two were busts, and I realized the third one was east, not west of my house, by the time I finished with the second one, I was almost at Hobby Lobby which I had to go to, to pick up some items for a few swaps I joined, so I skipped the other one.
 My birthday is in a little over a week, I proposed that mom and I go to Junkin' in June, a little jaunt around central Iowa antique stores the weekend before, she's still not set on the idea. I bought myself some cute plastic necklaces to wear to work, and I'm thinking (no guarantee), I might bake something for my coworkers.
 Speaking of swaps, I have joined 3 so far, I'm so excited. One is A Very Unmerry Birthday Cake Swap hosted by Tabitha at Creative Wings, I get to "make" a birthday cake, or decorate a round box like a birthday cake, and fill it with goodies for my partner. The second one is Summer Essentials hosted by Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots, I was in this one last year, we swap what we feel are summer essentials with a partner. The third is a Hatbox swap hosted by Michelle at Something Special, we decorate a hat box and fill it for a partner.
I tried to sign up for a FRIENDS swap, but somehow my email got lost. After reading people had gotten their partners emailed to them, I left a comment asking if the hostess had gotten my original email, she said she hadn't so I re-sent it and I haven't heard anything back.
It's weird, Michelle said she didn't receive my email about her swap either, I'm starting to think my emails really don't go through when I use my kindle, though they show up as sent in my hotmail account. Who knows?
 In other news, I'm finally getting my Zune to my preferences. I'm having a hard time getting stuff deleted off of it that I don't want. I'm running into a message that pops up frequently when I play songs on it, something about the usage rights being expired and that I need to snyc it to my PC, only problem is, when I hook it up to my PC, I can't tell which songs I don't really have because of that. I'm learning, I need to go through playing each song that's not mine and writing down which ones I have to delete, it's a long process.
 I have this whole weekend off, I'm so excited, today's my first day off since the 10th. I won't be doing anything different, but it's so nice to have a break from working every day.
They finally announced the temporary location for the library the other day. I work at the library in my town, last fall the voters voted to get a new library. We're building on the current site, so we have to move out in October for about 2 years while we're building, it's so nice not to have to keep it a secret. I've known for about a month what our #1 possibility was, and it's so nice to know mostly for sure. There's still some stuff that if the current owner doesn't want to do, we do have a plan B, but I would love to move to the site. The best part is it's within walking distance, it's actually almost where my last job was.

What's going on in your lives?

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Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hi Wendy...I hope u have a fabulous trip and find lots of great finds. i saw some of the finds you found one ur last iowa trip and was drooling,... hope u are having fun creating ur box. hugs tabitha