Sunday, June 03, 2012

Fun Finds in Decorah

And here's what I found to bring home:
 These are all from Barb's sale: a purple dish, an ink bottle, 3 green beads, a drawer pull, 3 buttons and a decorative piece of wood

Because we were so close to my uncle's house, we thought we'd stop there on the way to grandma's, he owns an antique store as well, so here's what i bought:
 another purple dish

 This bird is from a place in downtown Decorah
 I love this sign, I wish I had a button that said this
 These two postcards are from the seed savers exchange.
These stickers are also from the seed savers

Most things I bought for art supplies, I'm not sure what I'll do with the dishes, but now I have a collection.

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*Goddess* said...

I LOVE wooden wall signs and that one is a keeper!