Thursday, June 07, 2012

More randomness

Sorry, no pretty pictures today, but shortly after taking the link down the other day, I found out my link to my Decorah pictures worked, so go here for some neat pictures.

I want to shout out to my friend Goddess, who commented on some of my posts today. Thanks, sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this, I never get comments.

I must remember to write down all the ideas I get to write on my blog, once I actually sit down to write it, they all disappear. Most of the time I think about them when I'm on my Kindle, which won't let me post through blogger on it, i've never figured it out, but since I can't upload photos there either, I need to get on the desktop sometime.

I'm loving my new schedule at library (well most of it). I told my boss I preferred working in the mornings, so every day of the week she has me in at 8AM. On Wednesdays, I work 8 hours (I'm not complaining), sometimes I'm so tired of dealing with the public when I get done. Or the other day, there was something that shouldn't have happened and it took me 1.5+ hours to fix it, and it's still not completely fixed. I really need to learn how to leave work at work, my stress level gets so high some days.

I'm losing my faith in guys. We all know why I'm not happy with my ex (for one, he's my ex), but I am on okcupid (cause it's free), anyways you can message people on there. Shortly after I changed my status, and updated my profile, this one guy was messaging me, and we were talking through Yahoo Messenger, until he asked me to text him. I didn't want to, because I didn't want him to have my cell #, he decided he wouldn't chat with me anymore. Within the last month I've been chatting with this other guy, a week went by without us chatting, because I didn't have anything to say or I was busy, or something, so he messages me asking why I stopped sending messages. Apparently, no one told him, he could send me messages without me starting the thread. And he's doing it again, why do I always have to come up with something to say?

I have been craving cherry coke something fierce lately. I don't know why, a friend bought me a 20oz last friday, and I bought another one on Sunday, but I'm still craving it. And donuts, I always seem to be craving donuts.

A few weeks ago when I was mowing the lawn, I got attacked by the rose bush (no big surprise there), anyways, it was just a thorn in my finger, I pulled it out, and now I have a little scar there. Ever since, I can push on the scar and it hurts, I'm thinking not all of the thorn got out, but I don't want to go digging in my finger. Tonight (this is on my pinkie finger), the first knuckle has been cramping up when I bend it, it's getting really annoying. I'm hoping if I just ignore it, it will go away, it usually works. Otherwise, I may have to start digging in my finger, I really don't want to go to a doctor for it.

Now, how's that for bouncing around randomly on topics?

How's life with my readers?


Carrie M said...

I think the guy just wants some reassurance that you're still interested.

*Goddess* said...

Howdy, Wendy! Yes, I check out your blog....I like to see your garage sale finds;)