Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Garage Saleing June 5th

I did find another great garage sale on Saturday, almost missed it. It had rained that morning, sometime between 8 and 9, so when I went out to the really good sale, it wasn't set up. I figured I'd go past it again on my way home, I was so glad I did.
This book just sounded good, it was $.25.
I've been on a cookbook collecting mood lately, and these looked good, they were both $.15
This great looking set of stamps was $3.00, I've already tried them out and beyond needing to trim the corners off they work great. I also loved the little heart stamp at the top, I don't have a lot of heart stamps and this one looked fun to play with and for only $.10
A bunch of gift bags for winter time. This way I won't have to wrap as many presents, I got 8 bags for $.50
I also bought a couple bags of scrap fabric and some pieces of fabric at this sale. There was a whole basket of fabric for $.05 each, the lady said if I came back later in the day, she'd give me the whole basket for free, but I don't do anything with my fabric, I just like to collect it, and I was picking out some of it for my treasured tin swap, so I didn't go back.
I spent about $6.00 here.
I got these trucks at a different sale, they were all $.25 each. I thought Kevin might like them. Spent only the $1.00 at this sale.
I got this book at the first sale I actually got to, they had quite a few really cool things from the '50s, only problem was it seemed they were priced for an antique store and not a garage sale. I scored this book for $.50
I got these dog tags, they looked like they were from a dog they owned, for $5.00. I thought they were tags people put on the back of seats like in church or something, I'm sure I can still figure out a way to use them.
I got a whole bunch of bookmarks that looked like they were made from 50's cards. I quickly took off the ugly red yarn after taking this picture. They were all $2.00. I spent about $8.00 at this sale. GIVEAWAY ALERT: I will put some of these cards in the giveaway.
I bought this cute puzzle, that I figured I could pain and turn into a nice piece of altered art, and this cute little piglet stuffed animal for $.50 together. Only spent the 50 cents here.
So, it was a pretty good day, I was thinking to myself that I had spent less than $10, at least until I hit that last sale. Oh well, maybe if I get off my butt and do some artwork, I can sell it on Etsy, and make some money back.
Since I'm losing one of my jobs at the end of June, I shouldn't have any reason not to, hell I don't really have any reason not to now.

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