Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Garage Saleing

Seemed to be more of a Bake Sale Weekend. I was afraid people wouldn't have their sales as it had been raining Friday night and was still raining Saturday morning. I finally ventured out at about 10:30, when it finally tapered off. I did find about 3 garage sales (and of course I spent money, which I really need to cut back on, as my bank account keeps getting smaller)
OK, so this sale, this lady used to home school, so it was basically books, but I still found some cool ones. Everything was $1.00, so I spent $8.00 there.
In the back row, there's a game called Block by Block, you have to figure out ways to put the blocks together to make the picture, next to that is a math skills book, I'm having tons of fun filling it out (I'm not that good at math). Next is Mother Nature Goes Nuts, all about natural disasters. Next is a You're the Detective, you solve the picture mysteries, I used to love these as a kid.
In the front row there is More Stories to Solve, another mystery thing. Solve a Crime Puzzles (are you seeing a theme here), Mad Libs the Worst-Case Scenario version, also used to love these as a kid and then Vanished, stories about people who just vanished.
This next sale had some really good baked goods, I bought a loaf of banana nut bread for $2.50, and a bag of animal cookies for $1.00
These are from another bake sale/garage sale. There is a tin, a doily (which I used my glimmer mists from this post on, will be posting about that soon on The Frog Princess, and a cute little pin, they were all 10 cents each. GIVEAWAY ALERT the tin will be in the giveaway
These are from the sale right above, there's a plate of lemon bars for $2.50, and two scotcheroos for $1.00 each.
These are from the sale with the bread: there's a rabbit that I got for 75 cents (figured I'd give it to my mother) and a little wooden from, I figured I could alter for 25 cents.

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