Monday, June 21, 2010

Trivia Question

Just because I've had enough people ask me, What does "storewide" mean to you?

OK, this may be only me, but when I see little girls with purses, it totally makes me think they're growing up too fast, especially when they aren't purses with Disney characters on them. To me, when you're a little girl (that meaning up to at least 12), you shouldn't have to worry about spending money, or all the other stuff we shove in our purses. Granted they may not have anything close to what most ladies actually have in their purses, I always think they have at least money in there. Especially when I sell something to one of them, and they take out the money and put it back. I know it's good to be learning about money and stuff like that, but it still says "I'm growing up right in front of you"

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